International Teacher Education (ITE) Program

History and Purpose

In 1961 Alpha Delta Kappa, International Honorary Organization for Women Educators, unanimously adopted the concept for the International Teacher Education program as its International altruistic program — a program designed, at that time, to bring women students to the United States for their final year in teacher training. In 1963, the first three Alpha Delta Kappa-International Teacher Education students arrived from Switzerland, Germany, and Argentina. Each student received a $1,000 scholarship. Through the years, Alpha Delta Kappa has increased the size of its scholarships, and today each recipient receives a $10,000 scholarship. Students currently in our program may apply for an additional year. To date, Alpha Delta Kappa has sponsored over 200 students from more than 60 countries.

Alpha Delta Kappa International Teacher Education Scholarship Application

2016 ITE Weekend Educational & Cultural Round-table Discussions

Viktoriya Ivanenko from Tajikistan and Anna Alejo from the Philippines

Natasha Ocktora from Indonesia and Trang Pham from Vietnam

Svetlana Vikhnevich from Russia and Elisa Ugarte from Chile

The Educational and Cultural Discussion is an activity which involves the ITE students, co-sponsors, International Chapter members, other Alpha Delta Kappa members and the ITE Board. The group assembles in the Social Room at Alpha Delta Kappa Headquarters for a welcome and introductions. Participants are divided into three groups with ITE students, co-sponsors, International Chapter members, and other Alpha Delta Kappa members in each group, and is facilitated by an ITE Board member. Selected topics are presented and participants share information about themselves, their country, their culture, their educational background as well as their goals for the future. In exchange, Alpha Delta Kappa members have the opportunity to share information about their experiences in the field of American education. The Facilitator and the student(s) rotate to each group so that everyone has the opportunity to meet all the ITE students. The entire group reassembles in the Social Room, where each student is presented a flag of her country and an American flag.