Scholarships and Grants

Internationally, Alpha Delta Kappa biennially awards more than a quarter of a million dollars through its many scholarship programs. The many lives these scholarships have enriched are testimony to the collective efforts of Alpha Delta Kappa.  Alpha Delta Kappa also biennially recognizes a special member with the International Excellence in Education Award for outstanding contributions to education.  An award and $2,500 are presented to the recipient and her school receives $2,500 for staff development. 

Recipient of the 2015 Living Memorial Scholarship, Julie Neussl Harrison, Alabama Kappa Chapter, tells her story

Scholarships in Review (from KAPPAN)

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Scholarships at a Glance

Excellence in Education

*Regional Professional Development Scholarships

*Regional Mini-Scholarships

*Living Memorial Scholarship

*Fine Arts Grants

Future Educator Scholarship

Alpha Delta Kappa Innovation Grant

*Alpha Delta Kappa Classroom Grant

Melba Priestley Scholarship for Georgia Residents

International Teacher Education

The Agnes Shipman Robertson Memorial Scholarship

The Marie Neal Memorial Scholarship

The Alpha Delta Kappa Scholarship

*Available to current Alpha Delta Kappa members. Applicants’ dues must be paid by the scholarship deadline. Applicant shall not be a member of the International Executive Board, International Chapter, International scholarship boards or committees, a substantial contributor to the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation or a relative of any of the aforementioned groups.