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Ann Marie Brown

International Vice President, SWR


                             The seven states (AZ, CA, CO, HI, NV, NM & UT) and Australia in the SW Region all have beautiful sunshine in common. The sun symbol with the eight rays represents the Southwest Region. The triangular logo in the center of the sun with the Greek letters of Alpha Delta Kappa represents our organization’s brand.

The four hearts represent the Founders, Agnes, Marie, Marion, and Hattie. The hearts transition from the 2015—2017 International Logo “Inspire, Embrace, Achieve through Excellence.”

The colors of olive green and golden yellow are the official sorority colors and the violet in the hearts is representative of our symbolic flower the purple violet. The slogan or motto ‘Sisterhood…Let it Shine’ represents the importance of membership to the longevity of our organization.

Please contact Laura Bourgeois at lbourgeois@alphadeltakappa.org for information about this website.


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