Information provided by Sandy Wolfe, Chairman of the International Executive Board

Higher Logic and AΔK CONNECT are Coming!

The International Executive Board took action during its November meeting to provide new opportunities for all members, support that will significantly increase the value of their membership and will greatly enhance our international website. The addition of Higher Logic to our iMIS database and Alpha Delta Kappa website will make our long awaited AΔK CONNECT program a reality. Higher Logic will allow the creation of communities that can link our members together by their interests, grade levels, locations, or subject matter. Members will be able to have connections with their peers, post questions, take part in discussions, share best practices, recommend resources, participate in mentorship programs, and take advantage of other opportunities. Alpha Delta Kappa Connect and Higher Logic offer Infinite Possibilities to meet the needs of our members by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. Implementation should take place during late winter or early spring. More information will be shared in upcoming e-blasts.