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KAPPAN submissions are due January 1 (March issue), April 1 (June issue), July 1 (September issue), October 1 (December issue)

March 2024 Issue

December 2023 Issue

September 2023 Issue

June 2023 Issue 

March 2023 Issue

Archived issues


KAPPAN Content Submission Guidelines

Article Length - Professional Topics: 500 - 800 words; Chapter Programs: 100 words; Amazing Member Stories: 300 - 500 words; Classroom Quips: 100 words

Article format - All articles should be in WORD, 11 point font, Times New Roman. One space after end-of-sentence punctuation. Include author's name, S/P/N (state/province/nation), chapter, current office or most recent office and dates held, first and last name, email address, title of article submitted and names of people, left to right, in photo(s) submitted.

Pictures - All pictures must be high resolution in their original format. Attach picture and article to the same submission.  Do not embed picture into WORD documents or include in the article.  

The editors reserve the right to edit and adjust as needed for spacing. All submissions are appreciated, but not all may be published.

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