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2021-2023 International World Understanding Project CHEAR

Alpha Delta Kappa members selected Project C.H.E.A.R. as the World Understanding project for 2021-2023 biennium. Over 1,000 chapters are committed to raising $50,000 to support the project. Project C.H.E.A.R.'s mission is to empower disadvantaged children and youth in Babati, Tanzania, through education. Project C.H.E.A.R. is the only service of its kind in a region of 1.4 million. The money will be used to build dormitories, classrooms, a library/media center, a kitchen and offices. There will be an area for gardening and fruit trees. and the adjacent property will make a great play area. This project aims to free children from a life of poverty.  

At the 2023 International Convention in Kansas City, Cam Johnston presented updates about the ongoing work for C.H.E.A.R. at MAHOCE children’s home in Babati, Tanzania.  MAHOCE director, Joshua Johnston, created a thank you plaque dedicated to “The Members of Alpha Delta Kappa” which will be mounted at the site.  As of July 31, 2023 the final grand total for funds contributed to C.H.E.A.R. was $73,015.40!


Making a Better World Program 

Making a Better World Program Application 


2024 MBWI Recognitions



World Understanding Project Application Deferment 

The International Executive Board has deferred the World Understanding project applications until further notice due to current global conditions and the complexity of the world in which we live. The World Understanding Committee will review and revise the guidelines and application for the next project. (updated July 2023)


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CHEAR Webinar 2022



2023 CHEAR Convention Video 

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