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New Member Registration Process FAQ

  1. Do you have questions about Alpha Delta Kappa Membership? If so, please contact headquarters.
  2. Are you interested in membership but do not yet have a chapter sponsor? Please complete the Interested in Membership form.
  3. If you have a CHAPTER SPONSOR and are ready to begin the New Member registration process, please follow the directions below.






New Member Registration Directions

To register a NEW MEMBER:

The new member and a current member (generally the Chapter Membership Chairman) work together to complete this process.

Make sure to have the following information ready:

•  Chapter name
•  Sponsor name
•  New member email, address and phone number
•  Payment source (debit card, credit card, ACH or Paypal login)

The new member (not an existing member) goes to the website.

•  Hover over the Membership Tab and select "New Member Join" from the drop-down menu.
•  Scroll down and fill in all "Create an Account" fields.
•  For the Chapter Name, entering by typing the S/P/N and name of the Chapter (i.e. Alabama Alpha, Arizona Alpha Alpha, etc).
•  Create your own password (make sure to save this information so you can sign into the website in the future).

You will be taken to the following screens to complete the new member process:
•  Sponsor Search - locate your sponsor using either Sponsor Name or Sponsor Number.
•  Validate Sponsor
•  Additional Information
•  Pay International New Member Dues using your debit/credit card, ACH information or Paypal account.

Using a credit card other than the new member’s card can create an issue. The computer automatically populates the new member’s name and address for the credit card information. Delete her information and use the name and address on the credit card you are using.

If you have any issues with the process, please contact International Headquarters at [email protected]
Please allow two business days for the member to appear on your roster.  

Create an Account (For New Members Only)

The password must be at least 7 characters long and contain both letters and numbers.
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