Alpha Delta Kappa Association (AΔKA)

The Alpha Delta Kappa Association for men was founded at the 1961 Alpha Delta Kappa International Convention in Denver, Colorado by J. Ernest Hill, Alabama and Thomas H. Neal, Sr., Missouri.

J. Ernest Hill was elected the Association's first president. In his address, the new president said, "The objectives of this organization are stated in part as follows: 'to assist and aid one of the most outstanding groups of people in our country,' which, of course, means the ladies of Alpha Delta Kappa."

At that same Convention, the Association passed a resolution recognizing Alabama Beta Chapter for its contribution in forming the Alpha Delta Kappa Association.

New members may join the Alpha Delta Kappa Association for men only at Alpha Delta Kappa International Conventions. However, membership may be renewed thereafter by mail if the member is unable to attend an International Convention. Membership dues are $20 each biennium. 

2019-2021 Officers: 
Ron Spriggs, President (AL)
Dave Sadler, President-elect (TX)
John Snowdon, Secretary (NE)
Jim House, Treasurer (WY)

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