Welcome to Your Headquarters Tour

We hope you enjoy your visit to the International Headquarters of Alpha Delta Kappa. We appreciate the opportunity to share the LOVE that lives within our walls and within the hearts of our members.

Board Room
Center Hall
Heritage Room
The Agnes Shipman Robertson Social Room
Violet Lounge


The wide front door with graceful sidelights welcomes you into the small entry. Downlights direct your attention to a lovely botanical print hanging over a console. Guests are invited to sign the guest book, documenting their visit.


The foyer, adjacent to the entry, is visible through a glass wall. The foyer houses two very special items in our decor: A lovely grandfather clock  given by Harry L. Graham in honor of Mrs. E. A. Martin and her daughter, Pauline M. Graham, his wife. Pauline was our first International Grand  President, serving from 1957 to 1959. Pauline was a member of the International Executive Board from 1956 until her death in 2000.

 The Leadership Tree was added in 1997. The signed, original, copyrighted sculpture, created by New  Jersey artist Sanford Werfel, is a visual record of the growth and leadership during Alpha Delta  Kappa's first 50 years. The hand-carved walnut trunk features four large roots, one for each of our  four Founders. The offshoots on one of the roots represent Marion Southall's two children who  wrote the "Lamp of Alpha Delta Kappa." The leaves which adorn the tree, symbolizing each state,  province and nation, are engraved with its name and the installation date of its first chapter. Other  leaves recognize the leadership provided by all past and current International Chapter members.  Their names and dates of service have been engraved on these leaves. Leaves will be added for  future leaders, making this a "living, growing" Tree of Leadership for Alpha Delta Kappa.   

As you take the wide stairway to the lower level, you see the 1997 Alpha Delta Kappa Golden Anniversary banner, which features a design of the organization's crest.