Welcome to Your Headquarters Tour


The wide front door with graceful sidelights welcomes you into the small entry. Downlights direct your attention to a lovely botanical print hanging over a console. Guests are invited to sign the guest book, documenting their visit.


 The foyer, adjacent to the entry, is visible through a glass wall. The foyer houses two very special items in our decor: A lovely grandfather clock  given by Harry L. Graham in honor of Mrs. E. A. Martin and her daughter, Pauline M. Graham, his wife. Pauline was our first International Grand  President, serving from 1957 to 1959. Pauline was a member of the International Executive Board from 1956 until her death in 2000.

 The Leadership Tree was added in 1997. The signed, original, copyrighted sculpture, created by New  Jersey artist Sanford Werfel, is a visual record of the growth and leadership during Alpha Delta  Kappa's first 50 years. The hand-carved walnut trunk features four large roots, one for each of our  four Founders. The offshoots on one of the roots represent Marion Southall's two children who  wrote the "Lamp of Alpha Delta Kappa." The leaves which adorn the tree, symbolizing each state,  province and nation, are engraved with its name and the installation date of its first chapter. Other  leaves recognize the leadership provided by all past and current International Chapter members.  Their names and dates of service have been engraved on these leaves. Leaves will be added for  future leaders, making this a "living, growing" Tree of Leadership for Alpha Delta Kappa.


Board Room

The International Executive Board meets in this beautiful room in May and November each year. International Chapter meets here in November each year and in May of the even numbered year. This formal, yet light and airy, room repeats the window treatments used across the entire front of the building. Cream and white string wallpaper and vanilla carpeting provide a sophisticated background for the beautiful dark wood of the furniture. Twenty-four Queen Ann style chairs, given by various regions, states, presidents' councils and chapters for members from their areas whom they wished to honor, surround the magnificent 22-foot long conference table. The table, contributed by North Carolina and Michigan, was given in honor of Past International Presidents Odell Smith and Ruth Golden. Both the table and chairs were made in Lexington, North Carolina. Brass plates with the name of the donor and the honoree may be found on many items throughout the building in recognition of their gifts. Other gifts of furniture include the lovely tea cart from Louisiana, honoring Past International President Mildred McCormick and the formal writing desk from Michigan honoring Past International President Ruth Calhoun.

The focal point and guiding light of this room is the set of gilded-framed portraits of our Founders. Each portrait is an oil painting done from a photograph. While the portraits were done by two different portrait studios, it is fascinating to note that as you walk around the room, the eyes of all four Founders seem to follow you.

 The room is further accessorized by the beautiful cable-wound, triple chime Sligh wall clock, a gift of 1997 - 1999 Executive Board Chairman Rosemary Weddington; echoing the magnolia theme, a symbol of hospitality, are two original watercolors entitled "Magnificent Magnolias I and II" by Penny Thorsen, Georgia Beta Chapter, one given by the artist and the other by Past International President Melba Priestley; an antique cache pot on the buffet next to a graceful Italian glass vase filled with dried and silk material and a malachite marble lamp on the Queen Ann style desk.

Heritage Room

At the end of the center hall and just past the elevator is the Alpha Delta Kappa Heritage Room. In 1971, the mail room was remodeled to provide a museum which would preserve and display the archives and other materials significant to the history of Alpha Delta Kappa. Dark wood paneling and vanilla carpeting offer a neutral background for the archives and artifacts. The room was designed with concealed storage and display shelves for archives books and built-in display cases.

The cases display materials Agnes used for the initiation table when she traveled the country installing the first chapters. The cornucopia she used is also on display along with early record books maintained by Marie. The crest hangs over bookcases at one end of the room. On these shelves are books written by Alpha Delta Kappa members. The glass cubicles down the center of the room display favors from all the National and International conventions. These cubicles were given in honor of Helen W. Clifft by her husband. The large glass-shelved display case holds many items of historical significance as well as gifts. All items are described in tag copy located near each display. 


Center Hall

The curio cabinet in the center hall was purchased with contributions received following Marie Neal's death. Many items on display in this cabinet were gifts given her through the years.

Art work throughout the first floor work areas and hallway include framed posters and prints by internationally acclaimed French artist Michel Delacroix, the official artist of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta and the 1995 Special Olympic World Games. Before establishing his art career, he taught art in Parisenne public elementary schools, supporting a family of five.

Referred to as a master of the 'naif' or naive style of painting, he uses his childhood memories as the subjects of his distinctive style. Inspired by his love for children and a serious childhood illness, he established the Michael Delacroix Foundation a non-profit organization founded to bring happiness through art to children throughout the world who are confined by temporary or permanent illnesses.

Lower Level and Work Area

As you take the wide stairway to the lower level, you see the 1997 Alpha Delta Kappa Golden Anniversary banner, which features a design of the organization's crest.

Turning right at the foot of the stairs, takes you to a lower level work area. Here staff members coordinate website and eblast design, process new members, manage billing, handle multiple forms, open mail and much more.




To the east of the foyer is a beautiful parlor. This space, plus the adjoining offices, served as the Board Room until the 1975 expansion. Today it sets the tone for the formal decor and provides a comfortable space for small meetings. An elegant color scheme of malachite, vanilla and rose is used throughout the building. These colors are evident in the museum print magnolia fabric of the formal swags which top the white floor-to-ceiling plantation shutters and matching loveseat. Two traditional chairs and a glass cocktail table round out the grouping and sit on a custom made area rug which repeats the color scheme. The glass table was the only piece of furniture purchased for the 1996 refurbishing.

The beautiful fret-work mahogany secretary was moved to the new Headquarters in 1965. It along with the buffet in the Board Room, the breakfront and drop leaf table in the Social Room and six needle point chairs used throughout the building were in the dining room of the 6339 Main Street Headquarters building. On the secretary is the Hall of Benefactors book which contains the names of members who have given gifts to the Foundation through their wills or other estate plans. Additional items of interest in this room include: a gold-framed mirror given by Massachusetts, two elegantly framed prints from the New York Graphic Arts Society and a hand-crafted ox-blood table lamp made by an artist in Dallas. 

This area features a beautiful sculpture donated by California Alpha Delta Kappa to International Headquarters in honor of the three Past International Presidents from the state: Betty Rosenberg, 1959-1961; Jean Mersereau, 1967-1969; and Mayme Chinn, 1985-1987. The sculpture features three hearts of soapstone and alabaster.

Florida Lambda Chapter presented a lovely chalk pastel, hung in this area, by nationally-recognized artist Dianne Greaney in memory of Barbara Bock. 


The Agnes Shipman Robertson Social Room

This gracious social room, named in honor of Founder Agnes Shipman Robertson upon her retirement, was redecorated in 2007 by Stoney Broke, Ltd.

As you enter the room, you immediately see the lovely portrait of Agnes which was presented to Alpha Delta Kappa at the 1985 International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Many furnishings were contributed as gifts of love. North Carolina Alpha Delta Kappa presented a beautiful mirror in memory of Past International President Odell Smith; the arm chairs were given by Missouri, Ohio and the Dade County, Florida Presidents' Council in honor of Gladys Davis Hall, Ruth G. Linehan, Grace J. Riehm and Agnes Isaac; the game tables by the Northeast Region, the pendulum clock by Iowa in honor of Past Grand President Nellie Morris; the butler's tray table by Virginia in honor of Coralease Jennings, the piano purchased with contributions from many chapters and the gift book lectern by California.

On either side of the wood-burning fireplace are storage cabinets. The cabinet to the left holds memorabilia given to the organization by our International Teacher Education Program students.

Violet Lounge

A lovely ladies lounge is located in the lower hall. Departing from the color scheme used throughout the building, this room is known as our "violet room." A quick peek will tell you why! The original watercolor "Violets In The Garden," another example of Penny Thorsen's beautiful work, is a gift of 1995 - 1997 International Executive Board Chairman Jeannine Seagren.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit to the International Headquarters of Alpha Delta Kappa. We appreciate the opportunity to share the LOVE that lives within our walls and within the hearts of our members.