International Chapter's Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

Thank you to the more than eighty women who have responded to the request to serve on the International Chapter Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. The Steering Committee consists of four members of the International Chapter and one representative from each region. These regional chairmen will provide grassroots leadership that is needed to achieve our goals.

The committee is hard at work and soon every member of Alpha Delta Kappa will have the opportunity to provide input that will set the path to determine the direction we will take. If you are interested in becoming involved as a member of a regional committee, you only need to contact Judy Ganzert or any member of the Steering Committee.
The recent past has given reason for each of us to reflect on our own awareness and actions surrounding the issues of racial equality and justice. As an organization, Alpha Delta Kappa must open a dialogue to address positive actions that will reinforce our commitment to embrace diversity and respect the value of each member. Read a letter from our International President.

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Su Pelchat - Co-chairman
Su Wade - Co-chairman
Mollie Acosta - International President-Elect
Kathleen Buligan - IEB Member
Roberta Casabon - NCR IVP
Pippy Rogers - GR Chairman
Rugh Shushan - NCR Chairman
Eugenia Cooley - NER Chairman
Pat Valle - NWR Chairman
Theresa La Mountain-Rohaly - SCR Chairman
Deborah Tinsley - SER Chairman
Rosena Kruley - SWR Chairman