Chapter Supplies

Chapter supplies that have a charge will be sent to you with an invoice. All prices are quoted in U.S. Funds.
Packages weighing 13 oz. or more, as well as packages shipped outside the U.S., will require extra postage. Express mail shipments are unavailable. To order, please email [email protected].

MEDIA (While Supplies Last)
S1) “History of Alpha Delta Kappa” - Download .mp3 file - By Founder Agnes S. Robertson (13 min., 4 sec.)

S2) “Alpha Delta Kappa: 1947-1967” By Pauline M. Graham (45 min., 10 sec.) $3

S3) “The Lamp of Alpha Delta Kappa”

S22) AΔK DVD: “Celebration of Leadership - The First 50 Years”  (34 min., 50 sec.)Interviews with  all surviving International leaders conducted at the 1995 International Convention - One of the Golden Anniversary Special Projects $5

S28) AΔK Foundation DVD - Download .mp3 file - Highlights the good works of the AΔK Foundation  (8 min., 10 sec.)

S67) “Membership: Celebrating Excellence” DVD - Member testimonials (17 min., 50 sec.) $5

CERTIFICATES (Available for Download/Print)
S60) Recognition Certificate -7¼ x 9” wide certificate with  black print on parchment-like paper and a gold logo 

S61) Past President’s Certificate-7¼ x 9” wide certificate with black print on parchment-like paper and a gold logo

BOOKLETS/MANUALS (Available for Download/Print)
S9) Handbook (see Guiding Documents and Forms for latest version) $4

S55) International Bylaws (see Guiding Documents and Forms for latest version) $2

S11) Membership Development Manual (see Guiding Documents and Forms for latest version)
Printed copies from Headquarters $20

BROCHURES (Available for Download/Print)
S36) "Windows of Opportunity"

S39)  Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation

S44)  "Big Opportunity" Purse Size

S45)  "Real Life Connections for Today's Members" 

S46) Membership Invitations (Fits A6 envelopes)

S47) Informational Meeting Invitations (Fits A6 envelopes)

S52) New Member Announcement (Fits A6 envelopes)

70) Temple Corner Plaque - Download a high resolution image for printing and framing; Special note: From the Alpha Delta Kappa Handbook: "...the temple corner is never reproduced for use on stationery, program covers, napkins, etc. The Temple Corner, protected by copyright law, is used only at initiations."