Alpha Delta Kappa Builds Educational Excellence, Altruism
and World Understanding Through Fellowship

Why Become a Member? Membership Benefits

  • Friendship, support and association with professional peers
  • Honor and recognition of professional achievement
  • Professional and personal growth and development opportunities
  • Informative publications and peer-reviewed publication opportunities
  • Leadership development opportunities and training
  • Extensive members-only website
  • Scholarship and travel opportunities
  • Group insurance programs

Membership, which is honorary and based on peer recognition, provides a wealth of opportunities for leadership development and networking through workshops, training sessions, conferences and conventions. But, perhaps the greatest opportunity Alpha Delta Kappa provides is the opportunity to make a difference. Around the world, Alpha Delta Kappa members combine their energies and talents to enrich their lives and the lives of others through thousands of heartwarming, community-based altruistic projects.

In the past two years alone, Alpha Delta Kappa members have given nearly 12 million dollars in monetary and other gifts, nearly 2 million dollars in scholarships and have provided more than 2 million hours of volunteer service to their communities.  Opportunities for professional and personal networking abound in Alpha Delta Kappa.  From state/provincial/national conventions and regional conferences every even-numbered year to International conventions every odd-numbered year, talented women educators gather to share ideas, fellowship, recognition and support.  Alpha Delta Kappa conferences and conventions feature informative and inspirational seminars by some of the most effective and renowned speakers today.

More than 29,000 women educators around the world have discovered the many opportunities provided by membership in Alpha Delta Kappa — opportunities for recognition of their commitment to educational excellence, for personal and professional growth and for collectively channeling their energies toward the good of their schools, communities, the teaching profession and the world.

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, Alpha Delta Kappa has more than 1,200 chapters located in towns and cities in every state in the U.S., and around the world in Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Mexico and Puerto Rico.




AΔK Announcements

2018-2019 International World Understanding Project Ballot

Posted On Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Help Choose the 2018-2019 International World Understanding Project

The International World Understanding Committee has developed a procedure to select a World Understanding project. That procedure provides for chapters and S/P/Ns to submit proposals for consideration by the membership.

The World Understanding committee evaluated each proposal submitted by the deadline. Three projects (below) were selected; you may choose one. ONLY ONE VOTE PER MEMBER. Here are the three ways you may vote:
1. At your Regional Conference.
2. At between June 1 and August 1, 2018. Click here for the online ballot. 
3. By mail. Check one of the boxes, download/print this ballot and send it to Alpha Delta Kappa International Headquarters, 1615 West 92nd Street, Kansas City, MO 64114. It must be postmarked by August 1, 2018.

Alpha Delta Kappa members will choose which of these deserving projects we will support. Funds will be donated to the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation this fall, winter and spring. The chosen organization will receive the funds at the 2019 International Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The target amount for all three projects is $50,000.

The Three Projects are:

Making a Children’s Home with Education and Agriculture a Reality in Tanzania

Project CHEAR’s goal is to build a solar powered 40-bed children’s home and small school to meet all basic needs of orphaned, abused, and extremely impoverished children in Babati, Tanzania. Literacy skills will be taught in our classrooms to underachieving and illiterate children living at the children’s home and within the community. Successful achievement will allow integration into the government’s formal education program. Establishing an agricultural area containing gardens, orchards, and livestock will promote life-skills and long-term self-sustainability. This pioneer project will be the only one of its kind in a region of 1.3 million people.

Project Sewing Seeds of Hope

Sewing Seeds of Hope will provide destitute teens and women in the poor hillside village of Mahanaim, South India, with the critical skills, emotional, economic, and social support and self-confidence to support their families and transform their lives for generations to come, breaking the desperate cycle of poverty. The Alpha Delta Kappa World Understanding Project will make possible a modern permanent facility, the Mahanaim Vocational Training and Community Center, where 40 villagers, including girls, women, and differently-abled persons, will learn sewing, knitting, embroidery, tailoring, mat weaving, and basket-making skills, and develop a sustainable market for their products – resulting in new productive lives.


TEACH TOO requests grant funds to construct transitional housing for 48 older teens to enable them to finish their education and learn an occupation. According to Haitian law, children residing in licensed orphanages cannot remain after the age of eighteen. As a result, older students have had to leave the Imagine Missions orphanage without the skills or abilities required to be independent and successful. Transitional housing with occupancy limited to two years or less enables these students to finish their most important goal—completing their education. Imagine Missions will mentor these students and assist them throughout this process.

Click here for the online ballot
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Do you have Fund Development Experience?

Posted On Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Do you have Fund Development Experience?

We need YOU for the 2019 International Convention!

Please contact Meeting Coordinator Annie Griffin,

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Podcasts from 2017-2019 International President Sue Pelchat

Posted On Thursday, May 3, 2018

Podcasts from 2017-2019 International President Sue Pelchat

Listen to the Podcasts from 2017-2019 International President Susan Pelchat

"New Leadership" - May Podcast

More Podcasts here

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2018 Regional Conferences

Posted On Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2018 Regional Conferences

The 2018 Alpha Delta Kappa Regional Conferences are coming up quickly! Why should YOU attend?

Here are just some of the reasons:

Professional development
Leadership training 
Career-enhancing ideas from other outstanding educators
Membership enrichment
Engaging workshops
Altruistic opportunities
Sightseeing in beautiful locales
Fellowship, food and fun!

What are you waiting for? If you haven't registered already, do so today! For registration information, click here

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S/P/N Feature on the International Website

Posted On Tuesday, April 3, 2018

S/P/N Feature on the International Website

Recently we gave access to the Chapter President, Chapter Treasurer and Chapter Membership Chairman for updating their chapter roster. In order to communicate the latest changes to the S/P/Ns we’ve created an S/P/N roster tab in the International website directory. 
Sue Pelchat, International President, has asked that you please encourage your chapters to use this feature by sharing this information with them in your newsletters and other communications. 
The benefits of updating their chapter roster, instead of using the H-119, Report for Member Changes form (except for transfers), are:
-Reduced paperwork/forms in response to members’ requests!
-To unburden the members/chapters with duplicating the notification of changes.
-The directory contains the most current information for your S/P/N that is on file at Headquarters.
-The roster can be used as is because it is current instead of having to recreate your own.
-No longer having to download and complete the form for each member then mailing/emailing/faxing it to multiple recipients.
The S/P/N Roster tab is accessible to the following S/P/N officers: President, Treasurer, Membership Consultant, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Historian, Sergeant-at-Arms and Chaplain. First sign into the International website and go to the directory. Click on the S/P/N Roster tab and choose the appropriate S/P/N from the drop down menu and click on the “Find” button. Your S/P/N Roster will appear and it is sorted by chapter Greek order, then by last name, then by first name. 
This roster can be viewed on the website and/or it can be exported into the following formats: word, excel, .pdf, csv or XML. 
When exporting to Word/Excel, you can personalize it by changing the page orientation, margins, header/footer, and font: type, size, color, etc. 
This roster contains all up-to-date member information, whether a change was made by the member or the chapter officer/chair. 
The benefits of S/P/Ns using the International website S/P/N tab are:
-To streamline member/chapter updates and the quick dissemination of that info to all.
-There is no longer a need for each S/P/N or chapter to “reinvent the wheel” by creating and maintaining their own directory.
-Once a directory is printed it is quickly out of date due to rapidly changing member information.
-Directories are a “living” document, which means that they’re continuously changing.
There is a KAPPAN Omega listing linked on the S/P/N tab in order for S/P/N officers to remain up to date on the members who joined the Omega chapter. Omega information can also be found on the publications page where all KAPPAN issues since 2006 are listed. 
Please pass this information onto your successor so she may begin using the latest available resources on the International website.  
As always, please contact Headquarters for any questions!

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