Chapter Altruistic Activities and Ideas

One of the purposes for which Alpha Delta Kappa was founded was: "To promote educational and charitable projects and activities . . ." See below for a brief review of current Alpha Delta Kappa chapter altruistic activities from all over our Alpha Delta Kappa world.

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Rhode Island Eta Chapter participated in the second annual Blackstone River Duck Race on October 16, 2011 as a means of raising funds for altruistic projects. The local Girls and Boys Club sponsored the race.  Our local chapter was one of the local organizations that sold the numbered ducks for $5 each. The rubber ducks entered the river for the 2 mile race.  The event raised $40,000 in total.  Our chapter chairperson, Shirley Cadden reported that our chapter sold 270 ducks and raised $675 to fund our annual scholarship for a graduating high school student who has overcome obstacles in their life to further their post secondary-education.

Our retired teachers “keep on keeping on” as we use our time to help others.  As a chapter we bring items to nursing homes and a charity organization for game days, personal items, gifts, and reading material, including books for children.  The chapter also makes baby caps for Newborns in Need.

Families are chosen at Christmas and the children’s gift lists are completely taken care of.

Individual volunteer activities include the following:

Volunteering and shopping for Network Children

    Volunteering for:
    •   Network Clinic
    •   Schools and school libraries
    •   Churches and home-bound members
    •   Advocate for Special Ed. Students
    •   Singing Santa for Senior Adult Choir
    •   Senior Adult Council
    •   Crime Watch Patrol
    •   Driving for and shopping for handicapped women
    •   Part-time teaching and tutoring
    •   Shopping for Angel trees at Christmas
    •   Visits to nursing homes 

The Delta chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa in Shreveport, Louisiana recently gathered supplies to send to servicemen overseas.  Our chapter had learned that many servicemen and women never received cards, letters, or packages.  In response to this need we made this our altruistic project for April.  Personal care items, food, crossword puzzles, candy and other "fun" items were collected and six packages were prepared and sent to our servicemen and women in Iraq.

MISSOURI BETA XI CHAPTER members will celebrate the holidays by having a “Mock Gift Exchange.” Each member drew a name at the September meeting. It was the member’s challenge to get to know her person picked in order to purchase a “childhood memory present,” or simply a gift that reminds her of that member. Example: One teacher who taught Home Economics for 20+ years may receive a Betty Crocker Oven or a Barbie Kitchenette. Another member may remind us of a Teddy Bear. Members will present these gifts during the chapter's holiday party. Then, presents will be wrapped by members during the meeting, and all presents will be donated to a local charity. This year, presents will be donated to ASC, a community center that tutors, interprets and provides assistance for non-English speaking families and their school communities.

As one of its altruistic projects, the Florida Beta Nu Chapter collected backpacks and school supplies for a local children’s home. Country Acres Children’s Home is a licensed residential child care facility. The 18 children housed here are foster children. There mission is to provide a safe and nurturing large family-style home environment for both boys and girls ages 6-17. The Director of Education, Matt Yount, told our chapter of his need for backpacks, school supplies, underwear and socks. Florida Beta Nu Chapter sisters went shopping and donated over $500 worth of items to be given to Country Acres. Chapter members are very proud of the relationship they are building with this wonderful house.

As one of its altruistic projects, the Alabama Alpha Psi Chapter made a donation to Opportunity House, Inc. Opportunity House provides direct services to victims of domestic violence. A 24-hour crisis line, safe shelter, legal services, and counseling are just a few of the services provided by Opportunity House. Additionally, Opportunity House provides community education and in-service training addressing issues of domestic violence. Alabama Alpha Psi Chapter members said, "Opportunity House is an asset to the community it serves and is deserving of our support."

ALABAMA ALPHA DELTA KAPPA decorated Teddy Bear trees at Children’s Hospital South. During the holiday season the bears and mittens will adorn two trees in the lobby of the facility. Children will be given the bears and mittens throughout the year as needed. Margie Wingard is congratulated for her extraordinary efforts in coordinating this altruistic project for the past two years.

* Japan-Hawaii Art Exhibition (HI Beta)
* Crayons/coloring books to children in Iraq (WV Lambda)
* Donated $750 to Afghanistan teacher. Guest speaker had spoken of schools in Afghanistan and the peace education process. (Ontario Rho)
* Donation of toothbrushes and washcloths to school in Haiti (CT Alpha Alpha)
* Bikes for field workers (CA Beta Rho)
* Dictionary Project: Chapter gives a new dictionary to all third graders in the area (approx. 300) (WI Gamma Delta)
* School supplies, clothing and toys to Indian children (FL Mu)
* Hygiene kits for street children in Afghanistan (WA Zeta)
* Collected books for mother in prison to read to their children when they visited (SC Alpha Alpha)
* Monthly assistance to Another Way domestic violence shelter (FL Sigma)
* Planned to send $750 for a teacher's salary for a year in Afghanistan (Ontario Rho)
* Donated books for newborns to local hospital (NC Gamma Alpha)
* Established library for the U.S. Army in Iraq (WV Fidelis Gamma)
* Stuffed animals collected for children in South America (KS Beta Epsilon)
* September Auction: Each September, chapter members bring something from their summer travels wrapped up and with a hint of what it is to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, with proceeds going to the chapter’s scholarship fund. (PA Delta)
* Prepared sewing kits for the underprivileged in another country (VA Gamma Eta)
* Collected books for a women’s prison (VA Delta)
* Collected funds to help with travel expenses for two teachers’ daughter to visit her brother, who lost both legs in Iraq (TX Alpha Phi)
* We fill backpacks with school supplies for children in Nicaragua; give a $50 donation to a girl in Africa to help her toward her education (WI Kappa)
* Toys were collected for soldiers in Iraq to give to children. (NC Fidelis Sigma)
* Chapter collected school supplies for Vietnamese children. (NC Alpha Phi)
* The chapter collected gift cards and checks for sisters affected by the hurricanes to rebuild their classrooms and homes. (MI Delta)
* Foot cream was sent to soldiers in Iraq. (ID Sigma)
* Chapter is supporting a German conversation class. (NH Iota)
* Supported the Lorraine David Children’s Library. (CO Chi)
* Chapter has joined with a classroom to "adopt" a Haitian child. (CT Alpha Alpha)
* Collected materials for a Native American school in South Dakota (MO Pi)
* Breaking Bread: Sponsorship for Afghani women teachers (Ontario Upsilon)
* Donation to an orphanage in Mexico (AZ Lambda)
* Members devoted 377.5 hours to painting the back wall mural of the Komodo Dragon exhibit at the Honolulu Zoo; members served as hostesses for Honolulu Symphony concerts (HI Alpha)
* Donated and shipped school supplies to children in Iraq (NC Gamma Zeta)
* Planted a tree at the county library, the chapter’s meeting site (GA Sigma)
* Chapter sends backpacks with school supplies to Nicaragua and gives monetary support to African girls’ education. (WI Kappa)
* Donated a crate full of art and school supplies to a mission in Africa (CA Beta Phi)
* Benefit concert for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Richmond Animal League (VA Beta Upsilon)
* Relay for Life Survivors Dinner (GA Alpha Eta)
* Our chapter received a $4,000 grant, which we gave to the Osage Schools to purchase books (IA Alpha Beta)
* Collected basic school supplies to be sent to Kosovo (OH Lambda)
* Valentine cards for vets (WV Pi)
* Highway clean up (WI Kappa)
* Support of People to People Ambassador to Australia (WV Beta Alpha)
* Collecting medicine bottles for mission in Haiti (NC Fidelis Zeta)
* Continuing support of developing countries and Massey Centre (residential program for young pregnant single women, which offers education, job training, parental care education, day care); scholarships for two girls in Pakistan — $200 will provide food, clothes, a safe roof and education. (Ontario Zeta)
* Donated supplies for a medical mission to Mexico (NE Alpha Kappa)
* Donated to Hurricane Isabel victims and a Honduras mission (NC Fidelis Delta)
* Paid for physicals for abused children (IL Beta Pi)
* Helped Youth on their Own students with resumes (AZ Zeta)
* Furnished apartment for Hopehouse women's shelter (WA Alpha Nu)
* Several members volunteered to set up a library for a new teacher (CA Beta)
* Books for Head Start (TN Tau)
* African girls' school (WA Alpha Pi)
* Donated money for school dictionary project so each child in fourth grade receives one (NC Beta Mu)
* Volunteer for Special Olympics (FL Psi)
* Transportation to appointments for elderly folks (FL Mu)
* Made crafts for Meals on Wheels trays (FL Beta Rho)
* Assisting with Bingo at a local nursing home; assembling shoe boxes for military personnel overseas; providing backpacks for homeless children (FL Delta Beta)
* Morning Star Mission — help for homeless and needy people (IL Alpha Beta)
* Collected items for soldiers in Iraq (LA Beta Epsilon)
* Made a donation to the Memory Garden at a local high school in memory of a deceased sister; Collected pop tops for Ronald McDonald House, culminating in a Weigh In (GA Fidelis Nu)
* A representative of the S.A.F.E. House organization made a presentation about the many activities involved in the operation of the S.A.F.E. House. She also made the chapter aware of the many needs of individuals that use the facility. The chapter responded with monetary gifts and by donating many items for personal use. (GA Beta Delta)
* Donated used eyeglasses to Lion's Club; donated used cell phones for battered women (GA Alpha Iota)
* Volunteering Grandparents at school sites (FL Gamma Beta)
* Plan to give new women teachers $25 for their classrooms during their first year of teaching. (IN Delta)
* Gave parenting magazines to pre-natal parenting classes at the local hospitals. (IN Beta Alpha)
* From December until June (24 weeks), one member has mentored a young man at the Jamesburg Detention facility one evening a week. (NJ Zeta)
* Tutoring at an orphanage (OH Alpha Rho)
* Mentoring program at Boys' Town (NE Iota)
* Initiated the second annual area dictionary project, giving 275 dictionaries to third graders (WI Gamma Delta)
* Made 125 caps for newborn babies (NY Fidelis Gamma)
* Visits to prisoners (WA Alpha Zeta)
* Ogden Hall: Project Kasa, refurbish house (WA Beta Delta)
* Members bring personal gifts for women who have left their homes because of abuse (WY Beta)
* "Santa for Soldiers" (WY Delta)
* Renovated basement of women's shelter, turning it into a "book nook" for the children (VA Psi)
* Vietnam orphanages (CO Alpha Lambda)
* Supported state Guatemalan water project (CO Alpha and Alpha Beta)
* Establishing a library for parents and children at House of Grace, one of the chapter's altruistic projects (CA Beta Pi)
* Provided field trip money for an elementary school child (NV Beta)
* Collected school supplies for missionary in Honduras (GA Psi)
* Visited hospitalized children (PR Eta)
* Donated educational material to the Centro Espibi de Mayagüez for children with auditory and speech problems (PR Theta)
* Donated money to Children of Chernobyl, which helps bring the children to the U.S. during the summer (IL Alpha Omicron)
* Give socks each year to nursing home (OH Delta)
* Donated hats and mittens/gloves to needy children (OH Alpha Theta)
* Donors Choose: "Every Teacher a Grant Writer, Every Citizen a Philanthropist"
* Fraternity Education Chairman presented a program about Heifer Project International. After the presentation, we voted to give $10 each to the Heifer Project, instead of exchanging Christmas gifts. (VA Gamma Eta)
* Treats for those in service; canned goods for Earth Pantry (ND Gamma)
* Donating to Boggy Creek Camp for children with life threatening illness (FL Alpha Nu)
* School supplies for special needs elementary school; children's pajamas, underwear and socks for domestic violence center (CO Gamma)
* Chapter members tutor first graders every Thursday morning (WI Rho)
* Tutoring students in local schools; volunteering in county libraries; aiding and transporting sick and elderly (FL Fidelis Zeta)
* Tutoring elementary school children (IA Fidelis Alpha)
* Partnership with local elementary school — principal gives chapter a list of wants and needs and at each meeting sisters bring the spotlighted item (NC Alpha Phi)
* Chapter conducts county spelling bee (MI Beta Kappa)
* Animal care products donated to Animal Welfare League (IL Alpha Sigma)
* Bags of sundry items were assembled for the Youth Haven Desert Ranch in Arizona (ID Eta)
* Drive the elderly on errands. (CA Beta Lambda)
* Collected coats for the needy (TX Gamma Mu)
* Collected art supplies for cancer hospital (FL Beta Zeta)
* Fruit baskets to sisters in nursing homes (NC Beta Rho)
* Collecting 2004 calendars for area nursing homes (KS Xi)
* "Kids" magazine subscription for Ronald McDonald House (MT Alpha)
* Differently-themed altruistic project each month (NE Mu)
* Cell phones for abused women (TX Gamma Beta)
* Letters and care packages for soldiers (OH Beta Epsilon; NE Chi)
* Volunteers work at hospice thrift shop. (CA Iota)
* Susan G. Komen Walk-a-Thon (WV Xi)
* Souvenir Auction (NJ Pi)
* Chapter sends children's books to the 7th Fleet (Kitty Hawk) exceeding over $1,500 by getting neighborhoods as well as reading clubs involved. (GA Iota)
* Food Bank (MO Fidelis Alpha)
* Senior Companion Program (NV Iota)
* Baby shower for Pregnancy Resource Center; can shower for food bank (OK Alpha Eta)
* School supplies for needy students (TX Fidelis Alpha)
* Veterans Hospital (personal care items) (KS Sigma)
* Donate suitable clothing for "Dress for Success" interviewees (CT Zeta)
* Fill "Kids Kits" with school supplies for use in elementary and middle schools (OR Omicron)
* Donate glasses to Lions Club (IN Alpha Tau; KY Alpha Beta)
* Holiday candy wreaths for adult day care center (IN Alpha Tau)
* Card fronts for St. Jude's Ranch (CA Fidelis Delta)
* Donate books to used book store in exchange for credit to buy books for school (MD Xi)