Project H.O.P.E.(Hope and Opportunity in Peruvian Education)

March 2021 Update

By Rachel Shankles, International World Understanding Committee Chairman 2019-2021

For this project a school was built in Juanjui. Peru.
I was updated on the project by Doris Schmidt. who said that Alpha Delta Kappa made an impact on those who attended the two dedications. For many of the Peruvians there, it was their first opportunity to meet Americans. 

The first dedication was extremely emotional for some of that group of AΔK sisters. It was held outside the school on a stage with musicians, local politicians and many speeches. The second dedication was at the Minister's church in downtown Juanjui. Every AΔK member in attendance got to talk to the assembled group. 

Doris arranged for both groups to visit and met a young girl named Allison from a nearby village who came to help so she could practice her English skills. I watched a recent video of Allison saying how special her time was with the sisters on the second trip. She showed the treasured gifts they gave her: a World Understanding logo pin and a thank-you card signed by the members in that group. She is now working as a teacher’s aide and hopes to become a teacher.

The visiting AΔK teams raised an additional $15,000 at the last minute to have furnishings built for the school, which opened in 2017. Robin Miller brought a water filtration system with her to donate to the school; her granddaughter’s school raised the money for it. The school finally has the computer it wanted for the kids. Children are still being educated in Juanjui; they have even added a second story to the building. Our donations made an impact, helping to create better futures for many children in Peru.

November 2017 Update: New photos!
October 2017 update: New photos!
March 2017 update: Click here for beautiful photos of kids at our school!

Hope and Opportunity for Peruvian Education

Our school is starting to take enrollment for the 2017 school year!
Two groups of Alpha Delta Kappa members are traveling to Juanjui, Peru to take part in the dedication of the "Blessings School" in mid-March.  Follow the groups on Facebook as they journey to the school and beyond.

March 16-17, 2015

The group's tour included a walk through Kennedy Park, named in honor of JFK. 

We visited the school this morning and it is beautiful!  Pink b-rooms for girls & blue for boys.  Each had a shower.  No panes on windows. Our just-raised money plus $12,000 from extra given will pay to furnish 3 classrooms to hold 28-32 students each in grades 1-3.  A second story is already being built with plans for 2 more floors to make this a school for grades 1-12.  
We were greeted w/ hugs & kisses and have been treated with much loving attention. Met the carpenter who will ale the desks and chairs and saw his two shops.  Much poverty here, but much love, too.  More stories coming later. will meet the teachers tonight.

Such a blessing to be here to see the fruits of AΔK's generosity. Anxious to tour the school today!

Rained all day but the 3 hour celebration @school was clear. We sat outside of school entrance and mayor and many dignitaries spoke including Mitzi & both Junes and Mary.
I gave them $5,110 from Alpha group! Eleanor Smith had made a beautiful card w/pocket to hold the cash.
Children sang and danced.  We had banquet starting @11:30 pm.  3 cakes!
Many stories to tell.

Children were so cute last night. They waited and waited for the cake. As soon as they brought out the plates, they lined up.  

 May 2014 Building in Progress video on YouTube