T.E.A.C.H. (Training, Educating and Affirming the Children of Haiti)

As of June 21, 2018, $61,896.98 has been raised for Project T.E.A.C.H.  Our goal was $50,000.

2015 – 2017 T.E.A.C.H. (Teaching and Educating All the Children of Haiti)

T.E.A.C.H. Update March 2021
By Rachel Shankles, International World Understanding Committee Chairman 2019-2021

I was privileged to be with Robin Miller’s team that went to dedicate the secondary school built in Despinos, Haiti. Our donations built a beautiful two- story, eight-classroom addition to the Imagine Missions orphanage school. Melissa Young, the director, met us at the airport in Port au Prince, and we rode in tap-taps, which were small truck beds fitted with benches and tin roofs, to the outskirts of the metro area.  We stayed a modern motel located a few blocks from the Mission and the Team House.

The dedication ceremony was filled with children showing off their dancing and singing skills and speeches from the principal, Sue Pelchat, and Melissa. The children had hand made huge cards of thanks for all of us, and we enjoyed a nice Haitian snack. During the week we were able to do some professional development for the teachers at the school, including hands-on STEM lessons that we made and took supplies for. There was a huge meal, where our Alpha Delta Kappa team presented each of the teachers with loads of school supplies. We had taken suitcases filled with children’s books to help the teachers teach English. There were enough to start a library on campus.

Haiti is a beautiful place, but it has no infrastructure or fresh water in most areas. We knew the children were well cared for by their smiling, friendly faces. They were fed and cared for with love from many adults who worked there. Our investment allowed more than 400 students to attend classes there this past fall before being closed due to COVID-19.

The Mission changed strategy last year to become a non-residential school campus. Then COVID-19 hit them hard a year ago, and the school was open for only eight weeks. They did open this fall, but inflation was causing many problems. This school will last a long time, and the students are passing their state exams. We have done a good thing for education in this small city in Haiti.

At the International Convention, a check for $46,517.66 was presented to Director Melissa Young from Imagine Missions, representing donations received by July 15, 2017.  Additional funds collected for the project will be forward directly to Imagine Missions.  Thank you so much to everyone who has donated!

Alpha Delta Kappa members' donations will help build six additional classrooms for a secondary school at the orphanage in Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti.  The funds will also support the expansion of the Saturday trade school and women's skills program.