Suggestions for the World Understanding Chairman

Download a sample World Understanding reporting form for possible adaptation and use by s/p/ns.

"What Does it Mean to be Global"

Suggestions for World Understanding Chairman follow:
Become familiar with the World Understanding component of the Alpha Delta Kappa website.
Read the articles on World Understanding in the KAPPAN.
Discuss with your S/P/N president the expectations for your role on the board.
Develop guidelines for WU chairman in consultation with your S/P/N leaders.
Create a list of authors and their book titles from your s/p/n which have to do with World Understanding.
Develop a list of S/P/N resource persons who are knowledgeable in World Understanding. These may be future presenters on the topic.
Work with the chapters in your s/p/n who are interested in having a World Understanding Chairman at that level.
Provide workshops on World Understanding at s/p/n conventions and conferences. Technology and/or photo displays can be used to enhance WU presentations. WU book display could be a meaningful way to connect members with WU.
Serve as a World Understanding Resource Person for your S/P/N executive board and for chapters.
Make chapters aware of World Understanding activities, events and involvement in your s/p/n.
Provide items for the S/P/N newsletter on World Understanding. This could include information about what chapters are involved with to promote WU, book reviews, information from the regional chairman of WU and the International Chairman of WU.
Consult with the regional chairman of World Understanding.
Give brief reports on WU at the S/P/N executive board meetings.
Encourage members to compose articles for the S/P/N newsletters or KAPPAN.