You’re Invited to the Haiti Imagine Mission Dedication

March 5th - 9th, 2018
RSVP BY Jan. 26th

Here are some of the particulars:

1.   Fly into Port au Prince
2.   Transportation will be provided by Imagine Mission. The Mission is an hour or so from Port au Prince depending on traffic.  If possible plan to land between 11:00-3:00.  Earlier is fine but not past 3:00.
3.   Hotel accommodations are a block from the Mission.  Each room is equipped with a double bed.  The hotel has 25 rooms. The cost is about $50 per night and that includes breakfast. I know some people prefer their own room so please specify this when responding.  Melissa will make the reservations for us once we have a total.
4.   Meals - the hotel charges $10 for lunch.  Melissa will feed us three meals a day for $10 a day. What a deal!!  
5.   Inservice - Melissa has requested that we work with teachers during our stay. Her thoughts include hands on instruction, differentiated learning, math or science instruction or administration working with principals on running a school.  Most of their teaching is rote reading and writing. We can get into our individual expertise at a later date.

Please let me know:
1.  If you will be joining us for the Haiti Dedication. 
2.  If you are rooming with someone, their name. 
3.  If you have a spouse going.

I will put together a spread sheet with contact and flight information for everyone a little down the road.

Imagine Missions has a wonderful website with everything you need to know about traveling to their mission and Haiti.  Go to: https:/  click on Mission Trips and click again on Mission Trips (not on scheduling a trip).  You will then see all you need to know about planning a trip to the Mission.  

Hopefully I’ve given you enough information to make a decision whether you will be able to attend the dedication and trip to Haiti.  But if you have any questions feel free to email me at  If I don’t know the answers I’ll contact Melissa or Amber who handles her groups traveling to Haiti.

Robin Miller
International World Understanding Chairman