Chaplain's Resources

Usually, the chaplain’s participation in a meeting is at the beginning of the agenda. While chaplains can be engaged during installations and other fraternal functions, her primary role is to set the tone for the meeting.

Below are four categories of thoughts that can be used as written, for inspiration, or modified to fit your need.  
Sisterhood – references the bonds we share as members of Alpha Delta Kappa  
General Topics – theme-based messages
Special Occasions – themes for a Memorial service, Founders' Day, Holidays, etc.
IEB and IC thoughts – thoughts given during the 2017-2019 International Executive Board or International Chapter meetings.

Additional contributions may be submitted through April 2021. When submitting, please observe the following criteria: 
- Remember that copyright laws require that these contributions be original words of the author. When using quotes or poems within your thought, please reference the author.
- In consideration of our diverse membership, please avoid submission that speaks directly to one faith. 
- Submissions may be for special occasions such as Founders’ Day, holidays, initiation, installation of officers or they may be general in purpose. 
- Include your name, S/P/N and chapter and title the submission. 

Submit your contributions for consideration to: 
Paula Davis, 2021 International Convention Chaplain 
[email protected]