Documents and Forms

Documents and Forms can either be downloaded and typed into or printed and submitted however chosen (USPS, fax, scan to email, etc.). Some forms have online submission available, which is preferred.  

To download a document or form on the International Website you must either sign into your Google account to add the document to your Google drive OR, once on the document, click on FILE>Download as>Microsoft Word (.docx) OR click on a form link and click on the download button (arrow with line under it). To turn on formatting you must download/save the document first so if you print it without downloading/saving first the editing won't be enabled. 

Chapter Supplies
-Invitations, Brochures, Manuals and more

Guiding and General Documents and International Policies & Procedures Quick Links for Standing Committees and Boards
-Bylaws, Handbook, MDM and more

-H-114, 990-N, Updating "My Chapter Roster" and more 

State/Provincial/National (S/P/N)
-S/P/N Altruistic, H-142, S-1 and more

D-1EZ, D-1

-Regional Altruistic, IVPs of the Region Guidelines and more

Expense Report, H-134A and more