New Membership Application

In an effort to make the Alpha Delta Kappa membership application process easier, the H-103, Membership Application Form and H-133, Report of Initiation Form are now combined. Before the new member is initiated, the applicant needs to complete and submit the H-103 along with a $25 application fee to the chapter membership chairman. After the initiation of the new member, the chapter membership chairman is to complete the H-103, Membership Application Form. There is an area at the bottom of the form to record the new member’s date of initiation (no longer the anticipated but rather the actual date of initiation). 

If you have previously submitted the old version of the H-103, Membership Application Form, it will be necessary for you to submit the separate H-133, Report of Initiation Form in order to complete the new member process, which is listed below.  

New members must acquire a badge, but are not required to purchase it from International Headquarters. Alternate badge source information. Visit the Marketplace through Transcend to order.

H-103, Membership Application Form
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Celebrate and honor your new members today by recognizing her professional accomplishments as well as bringing attention to Alpha Delta Kappa. Sample Letter to Employer of New Member

H-133, Report of Initiation Form *Only for use with previous version membership application form
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