Disaster Relief

Pamela Gould - KS Alpha Rho - Her home was destroyed in a recent fire. Her family members are fine but their home and all belongings were lost. Click here to donate online and type "Pamela Gould Disaster Relief" in the notes box. Or you can send a check to Headquarters (made payable to the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation) and designate " Pamela Gould Disaster Relief" in the memo line. International Headquarters will then forward the donations. 
Donations are tax-deductible for members in the U.S. when made through the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation. Many thanks for your ongoing prayers and support.

Recently we have been experiencing more and more natural disasters across this country. Many of them are endangering our sisters and the communities where they live. There have been floods in Louisiana and North Carolina recently as well as in Maryland and West Virginia this summer plus the fires in California. I checked with sisters in Alabama and Mississippi as well since they were in the line of all the rains and at this time I have no report of any problems from these two states. The storms (heavy rains) were moving Northeast and I have no report from this area at the time of this note.  

I have been in touch with sisters in these areas and can report to you that we do have sisters in Louisiana who have lost their homes or have severe water damage. The fires in CA are very close to the same area where schools were destroyed last year. Our Alpha Delta Kappa sisters are affected by these disasters. Let us keep them in our thoughts and prayers at this time as they assess their damage and work to move forward. 

Keeping up with the weather and disasters of this magnitude is difficult at times.  Please keep in touch and let us know if you have something to be shared or reported regarding our Alpha Delta Kappa family.  

There are many states and agencies who are moving to get supplies and assistance to those in need at this time according to news reports that I’ve seen. 
What can we do?  The Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation has a line item in its budget for disaster relief. Donations can be sent to HQ written to the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation and you can indicate on the subject/memo line “disaster relief” or more specifically to a S/P/N (ex:  Louisiana flooding).  Online donations may also be made through the website. When it is specific to a S/P/N, those monies will be sent to the S/P/N treasurer and that S/P/N Disaster Relief Committee will decide how to distribute the funds to assist our members affected.  A donation with only “disaster relief” will go into the fund and be distributed as needed depending on the number of inquiries. Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a donation statement for tax purposes in February. 

Let us pull together and embrace our sisters with support, love and care who are in need at this time. 
With love in sisterhood,
Ruth Ann and Barbara 
2015-17 Alpha Delta Kappa President & International Ex. Board Chairman

A note about membership badges lost in natural disasters:  If chapters have extra badges in their badge banks, please send them to International Headquarters (1615 W 92nd St, Kansas City, MO 64114) with a personal note to a sister who may have lost hers in a disaster, and we will see that they are appropriately distributed. Thank you so much! Executive Director Laura C. Bourgeois