2017 Chapter Officer Packet

Chapter Officer Packets have been mailed out to Chapter Presidents. The packets left Headquarters on Aug. 31st so you should expect them to arrive during Sept. In odd years (International Convention years), packets are delayed in mailing.

The contents of the packet are listed below-

Material for chapter president:

Pearl Certificate (if awarded)

Scholarships & Grants Information Sheet

Officer Calendar

Directions for CP, CT, CMC updating your chapter roster on the website

International Altruistic and World Understanding Project Information and new ways to support the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation

Material for chapter treasurer:

H-138 Members Payment Record, FAQ and Mailing Instructions  (email Headquarters for replacements)

C-1 Report

Material for chapter membership chairman:

Membership Campaign Information

Chapter Needs Assessment

Pearls of Achievement Flyer

Badge (alternate source) info

Strategic Plan
A∆K Month Suggested  Activities
Beginning and Ending Your Term in Office
Chapter Altruistic  Report Form
Chapter Officers’ Guidelines
City Sign Illustration and Guidelines
Excellence in Education Award Information and  Documents
Fine Arts Grants Flyer
H-103 Membership Application Form
H-114 Annual Chapter Highlights Summary
H-119 Report for Member Changes
H-151 Prospective Member Recommendation Form (copy as needed)
H-154 Petition for Reinstatement
Member Needs Assessment for Chapter Membership Chairman
Regional Professional Development Scholarship Program Memo
Resolutions Information
S49 New Member Process
Sample Chapter Meeting Agenda

Alpha Delta Kappa: Real Life Connections for Today’s Educators
Educators Insurance Program