S/P/N Feature on the International Website

Recently we gave access to the Chapter President, Chapter Treasurer and Chapter Membership Chairman for updating their chapter roster. In order to communicate the latest changes to the S/P/Ns we’ve created an S/P/N roster tab in the International website directory. 
Sue Pelchat, International President, has asked that you please encourage your chapters to use this feature by sharing this information with them in your newsletters and other communications. 
The benefits of updating their chapter roster, instead of using the H-119, Report for Member Changes form (except for transfers), are:
-Reduced paperwork/forms in response to members’ requests!
-To unburden the members/chapters with duplicating the notification of changes.
-The directory contains the most current information for your S/P/N that is on file at Headquarters.
-The roster can be used as is because it is current instead of having to recreate your own.
-No longer having to download and complete the form for each member then mailing/emailing/faxing it to multiple recipients.
The S/P/N Roster tab is accessible to the following S/P/N officers: President, Treasurer, Membership Consultant, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Historian, Sergeant-at-Arms and Chaplain. First sign into the International website and go to the directory. Click on the S/P/N Roster tab and choose the appropriate S/P/N from the drop down menu and click on the “Find” button. Your S/P/N Roster will appear and it is sorted by chapter Greek order, then by last name, then by first name. 
This roster can be viewed on the website and/or it can be exported into the following formats: word, excel, .pdf, csv or XML. 
When exporting to Word/Excel, you can personalize it by changing the page orientation, margins, header/footer, and font: type, size, color, etc. 
This roster contains all up-to-date member information, whether a change was made by the member or the chapter officer/chair. 
The benefits of S/P/Ns using the International website S/P/N tab are:
-To streamline member/chapter updates and the quick dissemination of that info to all.
-There is no longer a need for each S/P/N or chapter to “reinvent the wheel” by creating and maintaining their own directory.
-Once a directory is printed it is quickly out of date due to rapidly changing member information.
-Directories are a “living” document, which means that they’re continuously changing.
There is a KAPPAN Omega listing linked on the S/P/N tab in order for S/P/N officers to remain up to date on the members who joined the Omega chapter. Omega information can also be found on the publications page where all KAPPAN issues since 2006 are listed. 
Please pass this information onto your successor so she may begin using the latest available resources on the International website.  
As always, please contact Headquarters for any questions!