The Search is on for KAPPAN Content

The KAPPAN member consultants are looking for anecdotes from the classroom: Something that made you smile or laugh, an embarrassing moment when your face turned red, “Kids say the darndest things.” What “darndest things” have your kids said? We look forward to reading your tickling tales from the classroom; 100 words or so.

The Longest Day
Give us your best shot. Please send a photo of you or your socially distanced group participating in The Longest Day during the COVID quarantine. How did you modify your plans with the stay-at-home order in place? Pictures should be high resolution for clarity. Stories brief; 50-100 words.

Professional Articles
We are seeking scholarly professional articles to strengthen content for readers of the KAPPAN. Please consider writing an article to share with sisters or sharing an article you have already written. Think about trends in education, advancements in technology as they relate to education, leadership skill development, and significant changes in education through the years... infinite possibilities. These articles enrich our professional lives. 300-500 words.

Amazing Members
Do you know an amazing sister who has done something beyond the classroom? Write an article about her, or encourage her to write an article about herself and her experience. See Robin Miller’s article about Miss Arlene from Romper Room in the December ’19 issue, pg. 12. So much fun to read. 300-500 words. Photographs welcome.

Please include with each submission your name, S/P/N (state, province or nation), chapter, current office, or recent office and dates held. Visit LIBRARY>Publications>KAPPAN. The file submission box is at the bottom of that page.

Please know that while all submissions are appreciated, not all submissions are guaranteed to be published. Additionally, the editors reserve the right to edit and adjust as needed for spacing.