World Understanding Pins for Purchase: a TEACH TOO Fundraiser

Please help us reach our goal for TEACH TOO! You may now purchase the same "Thank You" gift for donations received as the ones given at International Conventions by the World Understanding Committee.  For each donation of $5.00 or more that you collect for TEACH TOO, you would give the donor a World Understanding Pin. 
If you have pins left after the TEACH TOO goal has been met, you could continue the process for the next World Understanding Project.  You may purchase these pins in quantities of 25: 25 pins for $25.00.
Give a gift of a World Understanding pin while supplies last from or by calling (800) 247-2311. Checks received for donations should be made out to Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation with "TEACH TOO" in the memo line. Please send all proceeds to Alpha Delta Foundation Lockbox: Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation ~ PO BOX 870567 ~ Kansas City MO 64187-0567.

TEACH TOO requests grant funds to construct transitional housing for 48 older teens to enable them to finish their education and learn an occupation. The target amount for the project is $50,000. Read more...