2018 Chapter Officers' E-Packet

The following is a list of helpful resources for your chapter. If your chapter president does not have access to the website, please support her by sharing this with her. 


Calendar's - Officers' and General  
Pearls of Achievement Program 
Scholarships and Grants 
Update Your Chapter Roster Online 

Chapter Needs Assessment (CNA) 
2019 Membership Campaign 

The Chapter President and Chapter Treasurer should have received the H-138, Member Payment Record (Billing form) and supporting documents via email August 29-31. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder if it doesn't appear in your inbox. If neither had an email address, the forms were mailed USPS. 

Cover Letter
H-138, Member Payment Record (Billing form)
S/P/N President's and S/P/N Treasurer's contact info
C-1, Annual Chapter Reporting Form and Audit
990-N IRS E-Postcard filing


Contact Us 
International Headquarters Staff is available to assist you with your questions, concerns and need for assistance. Please feel free to contact us for all of your AΔK needs! Our HELP tab has all of the latest info you need to navigate the International website.

Chapter Meetings 
AΔK Month/Founders Day Central, Ceremonies Booklet, Chapter Program Ideas, Distinguished Program Award (DPA), Fraternity Education, Fundraising Ideas, Pearls of Achievement Program, Recruitment/Reinstatement/Retention, Sample Chapter Meeting Agenda, Etc.

Chapter Documents and Forms 
H-103, Membership Application; H-114, Annual Chapter Highlights Summary Form; H-133, Report of Initiation Form; H-154, Petition for Reinstatement; H-151, Chapter Form for Prospective Members; Chapter Needs Assessment (CNA); Chapter Altruistic Report Form; Etc.

Scholarships and Grants
Regional Professional Development, Regional-Mini, Fine Arts Grants, Excellence in Education Award, Classroom Grant, Etc.

Clip Art, The Lamp of AΔK Song, Poems, Publications, AΔK Websites, Documents and Forms, Directory, Etc. 

General and Guiding Documents and Forms
International Bylaws, Handbook, Membership Development Manual, Etc. 
Chapter Supplies and Brochures (Available to Order) 
S45 "Real Life Connections for Today's Members" Brochure, S44 "Big Opportunity" Purse Size, AΔK International - Windows of Opportunity, Etc. 

Official Badges, Jewelry and Gifts, Etc.