International President's Message

Dear sisters,
Here we are, four months into 2017, and I want to chat briefly with you about resolutions. No fooling! When you Google “New Year’s Resolutions,” which many of you probably did before January, there are some interesting ideas. The No. 1 resolution was “spend more time with family and friends.” Alpha Delta Kappa sisters do that, and we need to remind ourselves just how valuable that time is! Attending meetings, conventions and conferences will cover this resolution. I hope you’ve made plans to attend the International Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, July 12-15. There are other meetings and gatherings planned in many S/P/Ns this spring. Are you planning to be there? Your presence matters, and it keeps you “in the know.” Another of the top 10 resolutions was “enjoy life more.”  I believe we try our best with this one and need to continue encouraging one another. If you make plans to be in NOLA this summer with other sisters, I guarantee you will cover this resolution! Getting involved with a project is another way to meet this resolution. Take time to do the things you enjoy. Even with Alpha Delta Kappa, we sometimes need to take “breaks.” It helps us develop a balance in our lives so we can participate in the things we enjoy.
“Learning something new” was another resolution on this list...Read more

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