International President's Message

Susan G. Pelchat

Where did this come from?

Oh, I remember! Did you ever try to clean a room and become distracted by trinkets and memorabilia lying in a drawer? My Alpha Delta Kappa sponsor used to save great jokes in a drawer to share with company. Of course, that was in the days before email. These days, stories and jokes travel in nanoseconds to recipients around the globe, so who needs to save hard copies anymore?

In my dresser drawer, I store treasures—cards and letters from my girls, reminders of their childhood and their progress in penmanship, vocabulary and writing. Those keepsakes make me smile as I’m reminded of youthful innocence. A collection of baby teeth next to some letters . . . “Dear Tooth Fairy, please leave my tooth under the pillow.” . . . “Dear Tooth Fairy, please leave a picture of yourself. . . “Dear Tooth Fairy, I really would like the Princess Beanie Baby, but if you can’t bring it, that’s OK.”

Saving little pieces of the past and rediscovering tiny treasures cause us to reflect on what matters in our lives. In my life, ADK matters. On my computer, I stumbled across a clipping I had saved from a Mississippi newsletter in which several members reflected on becoming members of ADK and why it mattered to them.

Barbara Rodgers wrote, “I was invited to become an Alpha Delta Kappa sister in Texas at a very low time in my life. At that time, Alpha Delta Kappa meant family and a sisterhood. I then moved to Mississippi to be closer to my biological sisters. They have since passed, and once again I lean on my Alpha Delta Kappa friends as true sisters.”…Read more here