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Happy Anniversary, Alpha Delta Kappa! Celebrating 70 years: 1947 - 2017

We come together to remember our Founders and to celebrate our membership in ALPHA DELTA KAPPA. It was through the vision, dedication, and actions of Agnes Shipman Robertson, Marion Southall, Marie Neal, and Hattie Poppino that the state of Missouri in 1947 issued a charter incorporating ALPHA DELTA KAPPA, allowing it to organize chapters in every state and around the globe. We honor our Founders!

Ideas and Activities 

Founders' Day ceremonies 

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AΔK month proclamation

The Lamp of Alpha Delta Kappa song 

Memories of Founder Agnes Shipman Robertson told by our members who knew her!

Past International Presidents Portray our Founders

Founders biographies

Founders PowerPoint document

Founders PowerPoint Show 

Founders Photos 

Listen to Founder Agnes Shipman Robertson speak about the history of Alpha Delta Kappa's early days

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