AΔK Month and Founders' Day Ideas and Activities

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Create an Alpha Delta Kappa Leadership Kit
Do you wonder? Do you ponder
What these contents have to do
With agendas, forms and meetings,
And being a leader — just like you?

Here's why your Alpha Delta Kappa leadership kit contains these items:
Rubber band - to remind you that flexibility is an important characteristic of a leader.
Button - to remind you to "button your lips" and listen more. A good leader encourages others to dream and to share.
Toothpick - to remind you to "pick out" the good qualities of everyone - including you.
Candy kiss - to remind you that everyone needs a nice treat occasionally.
Gold thread - to remind you that Alpha Delta Kappa sisterhood is the golden thread that ties us all together.
Eraser - to remind you that everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and that's all right - mistakes are to learn from and grow.
Pencil - to remind you that a leader never quits sharpening her skills.
Band-Aid - to remind you that a leader is always "patching up" and "holding" things together.
Mint - Thank you for your involve-mint, commit-mint and excite-mint!

Deliver Small Bags of Candy With the Following Poem Attached
Contained in this bag
are sweet reminders
of sisterhood . . .

Life Savers to remind you of the many times others need your help.
Sweet Tarts to help you appreciate the differences in our sisters.
Candy kisses to remind you that all need hugs and kisses.
Peppermints to freshen our outlook on life.
Snickers to remind you to always smile, enjoy life and your Alpha Delta Kappa sisters.
Tootsie Rolls because sometimes we have to work hard to keep a sister.
Fruit snacks that last and last, as does our Alpha Delta Kappa sisterhood.

Get Involved in Your Community
Recognize an outstanding community member.
Participate in a community project in the name of Alpha Delta Kappa.
Make the latest KAPPAN available to the library and other public places.
Donate to a civic project in the name of Alpha Delta Kappa.
Have a window display.
Donate books to the library in the name of Alpha Delta Kappa.
Request banks to display "Alpha Delta Kappa Month" on marquees.
Display a street banner or bumper sticker.
Ask the governor or mayor proclaim Alpha Delta Kappa Month.
Place Alpha Delta Kappa displays in the public library.
Volunteer at libraries and museums or visit nursing homes and/or shut-ins.
Plant a tree in the name of Alpha Delta Kappa.
Make donations to the children's section of hospital or to a children's hospital.

Chapter Celebration Ideas
Hold a Founders' Day ceremony.
Meet with other chapters.
Invite S/P/N officers to speak.
Host an informational tea.
Have a special drive for the chapter or S/P/N altruistic project.
Honor members of your chapter.
Invite a sustaining member to a meeting.
Invite an ITE scholar to speak.
Invite leaders of civic groups to your chapter meeting.
Select a "sister chapter" in another area and write a letter for Alpha Delta Kappa Month.

Promote Alpha Delta Kappa in Schools
Provide refreshments for the teachers' lounge.
Set up a display in a display case.
Have a salute to women in education.
Host a retired teachers' tea.
Host a new teachers' tea.
Send a special newsletter to all schools in the district.
Put notices (with goodies) in teachers' boxes.
Notify principals and superintendents of the Alpha Delta Kappa members in their schools.
Donate to a school scholarship.
Donate school supplies.
Teas, open houses, luncheons or banquets honoring administrators and supervisors, future teachers, retired educators and others.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as Alpha Delta Kappa Month
Alabama Alpha Iota sisters wear pink ribbons.
Members wear their Alpha Delta Kappa badges each day during the month of October.
Alabama Alpha Iota sisters wear Alpha Delta Kappa shirts on a designated day in October.
Alabama S/P/N officers are honored at various Founders' Day teas and functions during the month of October.

Treats and Sayings
Make a little treat or token gift for your members or fellow teachers and give it with a saying attached. Make sure you give Alpha Delta Kappa credit. Here are some examples, but you are encouraged to be creative:
"We wish to give you a hand for your outstanding dedication and service to the teaching profession." (Take clear plastic disposable glove, put a candy corn in each finger, fill with popped popcorn and tie with a purple ribbon.)
"You're worth it!" ($100 Grand candy bars with this note attached)
"Alpha Delta Kappa - suits us to a tee" (attached to some golf tees)
"Alpha Delta Kappa helps smooth out the snags in life." (attached to some emery boards)
"Alpha Delta Kappa - Doubles our fun!" (attached to a stick of Doublemint gum)
"Many of us have a favorite book — one we could read over and over again. And in that book might be one chapter we keep going back to again and again. Life is like a book with many chapters, and Alpha Delta Kappa is that one chapter we like to keep going back to again and again." (attached to a bookmark)

Teacher's Survival Kit
Balloon: Remind yourself to influence others. If someone looks nice - tell them.
Patch: Patching up when problems arise.
Button: Rejoice in the differences of each child. Like others for what they are and what they can become.
Band-Aid: For wounded spirits and crushed feelings.
Q-tips: Clear out the ears and listen to others.
Cotton balls: These are for neighboring teachers when you talk too loudly.
Clothespin: To put on your know-it-all tongue. Always say less than you think.
Bean: To stimulate the growth of students.
Candy: Try to be a teacher of surprise. Make an effort to be a nicer teacher and person.
Aspirin: Use when all else fails.

Survival kit for teaching
Band-Aids - For bloody or invisible wounds or loud mouths.
Bobby pins - When you want to see their eyes or when the office has no paper clips.
Safety pin - When things are coming apart at the seams.
Aspirin - Need we say more!
Candy - Quick energy for that last, long half hour at the end of the day.