AΔKCC Members Share Memories from 2017 Convention in NOLA

Three members of Alpha Delta Kappa Collegiate Club, Chloe, Lizzy and I, had the incredible honor of attending the 2017 International Convention in New Orleans with 1,300 of our fellow Alpha Delta Kappa sisters. We had such an amazing time getting a deeper look into all that ADK has to offer, as well as getting to explore the beautiful city of New Orleans. Additionally, we had the privilege of speaking in front of all these sisters during the Educational Symposium to share about the crazy journey of ADKCC. By doing so, we hope to ignite a spark within as many ADK sisters as we can in order to create more and more collegiate chapters across the country. I truly believe that this is the next best step for Alpha Delta Kappa as a whole, and we would love to support others as they begin collegiate chapters in their home states. 

When we weren’t attending business meetings or listening to the three incredible speakers during the Convention, we had the chance to do some shopping in the French Market, explore the French Quarter, walk down Bourbon Street, explore the museum of Mardi Gras floats and eat our body weight in beignets and fresh seafood. We don’t get much of that in Indiana, so of course we had to take advantage of it while we could! 
Every minute spent with our ADK sisters went above and beyond any expectations we had prior to arriving in New Orleans. The amount of love and support we received during the week was overwhelming and beyond heartwarming. We cannot thank the 2017 International Board enough for allowing us the amazing opportunity to be a part of this Convention. We are already looking forward to attending many more conventions. 
—Breanna Levy, President, AΔKCC 

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the 2017 Alpha Delta Kappa International Convention in New Orleans this July. Getting this opportunity as a Collegiate Club member was such a special occasion. I feel so connected to this organization and cannot wait to continue my journey with ADKCC and furthering that journey with ADK. The Convention allowed me to see how this organization of amazing women really works and what makes it so special. Getting to sit in on the Educational Symposium allowed me to gain knowledge and skills that I would not get in my normal college classroom and that will help me when I get my own classroom. Witnessing the committees and seeing some of the voting take place showed me the level of commitment ADK members have. 

The part of the Convention that really touched my heart was the love, appreciation and support we ADKCC members received from all of the ADK members. I met more amazing women over the course of the four days than I have in my entire life. There were so many kind words spoken to me about what we were trying to get started. The three of us young women there were on cloud nine after leaving the Convention from all of the kind words that were spoken to us and about us. I truly want to thank all of our Alpha Delta Kappa sisters for the love and support we received at the Convention and continue to receive every day. 
—Elizabeth Erne, AΔKCC 

Having the opportunity to attend the 2017 Alpha Delta Kappa International Convention in New Orleans has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. When Mrs. Varner contacted me during the summer of 2015 and asked me to be the founding president of the ADKCC, I truly had no clue what my future in ADK would hold for me. Being able to speak in front of 1,300 educators was truly terrifying, but it gave me an opportunity to be pushed out of my comfort zone. 
Every ADK sister I met was very welcoming and excited about how the future of our organization can be with the addition of more collegiate clubs. I encourage any interested sisters to check out the ADK website for more information on the process for starting more collegiate clubs. (Library/Documents and Forms/Guiding and General) 

I now feel ready to take on my student teaching and, eventually, teaching career because of all the lessons I have learned, opportunities for leadership and support ADK has given me. 
—Chloe Woodruff, AΔKCC