"Ask AΔK a Question" Q and A 

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Q: If "the papers" were signed on August 13, 1947 to create Alpha Delta Kappa why is October designated as the month to celebrate Founders' Day?

A: Delegates to the 1975 International Convention passed a resolution designating the second full week of October as Alpha Delta Kappa Week, and then October became Alpha Delta Kappa Month by a vote of the delegates at the 1991 International Convention.  Because the purpose was to publicize Alpha Delta Kappa, October was designated as schools would be in session and things would have settled down after the first of the school year.  

Q: After the installation of a new state president what is the proper procedure for pins---when and who gives the past president's pin, immediate past president gives the gavel and president's pin?

The exchange of pins following installation is up to individual S/P/N's.  You might want to do a formal pinning or just award the past president's pin and have her give the president the president's pin.  I don't believe we have a formal protocol for the procedure and that we leave it to the S/P/N's to determine what will work best for them.

Q: Our chapter has a sister who has recently moved to another S/P/N.  She would like to continue her membership, but I'm not sure what needs to be done. 

A: First, complete the H-119 form to notify Headquarters of her new address and that she needs assistance in finding a chapter to affiliate with in her new area. Headquarters will email your member's new S/P/N president and/or the S/P/N membership consultant to make sure that this sister is on their radar. They can work efficiently to find a chapter that is closest to her location.  Once she has transferred into a chapter, keep her on your “to do list” until the chapter accepting her has completed Form H-119 and sent it to Headquarters to acknowledge her transfer into the chapter. The member’s previous chapter should receive a copy of the report.  Also, she should know that when moving to another locality, a member is invited into membership with a chapter without a vote of chapter members. Having her receive an email or phone call from the S/P/N membership consultant or S/P/N president will be words of welcome!

Q:  Is there a record of our chapter's membership from our chartered date until present? If so, how can we get that information?
Yes, International Headquarters can provide you with that information (headquarters@alphadeltakappa.org, 800-247-2311). Please allow us 2-3 business days to complete the research.

Q: Can a prospective member be present during a chapter business meeting?

  The answer is:  Yes, as long as it is okay with all the chapter members.

When are the Chapter Bylaws due to the District Bylaws representative?

A: Contact your state, provincial or national (S/P/N) bylaws chairman to get the date that your chapter bylaws are due.  Not all S/P/Ns have districts, so that would be on an individual basis. 

Q: Where do we send our donation for the Alzheimer's Association?  What address?

A: Write your check to the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation.  On the subject line of the check, write Alzheimer’s Association and mail your check to Headquarters.  The address is:  Alpha Delta Kappa Headquarters, 1615 West 92nd Street, Kansas City, Missouri  64114.

 Q: What is the protocol for a member who quit attending or paying dues and wants to reinstate? I believe I heard something at the Treasurer's Meeting, but thought it should be in the Membership Development Manual (MDM)?

A: The process to reinstate a former member:
A former member may reinstate into Alpha Delta Kappa by petitioning the chapter she wishes to reinstate.  The chapter votes on the reinstatement using the same rules as voting on new members.  If approved, the chapter president and former member completes the top portion of the H-154, Petition for Reinstatement.  The chapter president completes the lower portion of the form and collects fees from the former member.  The chapter president mails the H-154 with the appropriate fees to headquarters street address.  S/P/N dues are mailed to the S/P/N treasurer and chapter dues are given to the chapter treasurer.  Once headquarters process the H-154, they will contact the chapter president, S/P/N president, S/P/N membership consultant and S/P/N treasurer that the reinstatement process is complete.
Keep in mind, reinstatement's are for the calendar year they are received.  If a former member chooses to reinstate in the last several months of a calendar year, she will be required to pay international, S/P/N and chapter dues due January 1 of the following calendar year. 
The former member may attend meetings as a guest through December 2017 and reinstate in January to avoid paying 2017 and 2018 dues so closely together.

 Please clarify the contents of the Chapter Yearbook document which is submitted by the corresponding secretary no later than October 1st to the State President. 

A: The "Chapter Yearbook", which is due to your state president by October 1, is also known by some chapters as their "Program Book". This book typically contains descriptions of your chapter's meeting dates and program descriptions, a list of your chapter's officers and usually a list of all your members. The state president likes to receive these Yearbooks so she can look over your programs to perhaps plan a chapter visit during her term of office and just to keep in touch.

Q: Who does our Recording Secretary send her meeting minutes besides you?

A: You should send your meeting minutes to your , state, provincial or national president.  International Headquarters does not collect the minutes.

 Where do we send the check for the World Understanding Project that we collected through May 2016 and, at this point, which project will it go toward?

A: Please send donations for the International World Understanding Project to:  The Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation, 1615 W 92nd St, Kansas City, MO 64114. Please make the check to the Foundation and specify the project in the memo line.  The 2014-2015 project was Project B.O.O.K.S. and the 2016-2017 project is Project T.E.A.C.H.  If only "World Understanding" is in the memo line, the donation will go toward Project T.E.A.C.H.

 On the H-114 form, what qualifies for a Council Meeting and a District Meeting?

A: It would be a meeting held by either a council of chapters in a certain area, or a district of chapters in a certain area.  Below are descriptions of the two bodies from the International Bylaws.  Not all states, provinces and nations have them:


Many states, provinces and nations may find it advisable to have divisions. The authority to establish divisions rests with the state, provincial or national executive board. [See Article VII, Section 2.g. (2) (b).] These divisions shall be referred to as districts. Districts are not policy- making  bodies.  They are governed and operated in accordance with the  respective state, provincial or national bylaws and/or policies and procedures manual. Written guidelines which contain district  purposes and which give direction for operation shall be developed.


A city/area council of chapter presidents is suggested for areas where there are two (2) or more chapters.
a. The purposes of the city/area council of chapter presidents are
   (1) To coordinate the work of chapters in the area.
   (2) To enable chapters to have closer fraternal relationships.
   (3) To assist with transfers.
   (4) To assist with pledging  and installing new chapters.

b. Council membership shall consist of the president, the president-elect and/or vice president and immediate past president of each chapter.
c. Officers shall be an elected president, secretary and any other  officer deemed necessary.
d. The council shall meet a minimum of two (2) times a year to make plans for the Alpha Delta Kappa year. A report of the meetings shall be sent to the state, provincial or national  president and the  president of the  council of chapter presidents.

Q: How many chapter meetings must a new potential member attend before she can be initiated as a chapter member?

A:  Neither the International Bylaws nor Constitution specify a required number of meetings a prospective member must attend prior to initiation.  However, we recommend that she attend at least one meeting informing her of the benefits and responsibilities of membership in Alpha Delta Kappa.

Q: I would like a transcript of the directions Past International President Ruth Ann gave us at the banquet regarding the three cards; inspire, embrace, achieve. I would like my chapter to do that as one element of our Alpha Delta Kappa Month activities. 

A: I love your idea for using the cards as an Alpha Delta Kappa Month or fraternity education activity.  Here is the information you requested from International President Ruth Ann's speech: 

"The 3 cards each have a word on them from the new theme and a small picture of the logo.  It is my challenge during this next year that you send each card as follows:
1) a sister in Alpha Delta Kappa who has INSPIRED you
2) a prospective member you want to EMBRACE and invite into membership in your chapter and
3) a sister or prospective member you wish to recognize for her ACHIEVEment(s).

You may wish to write a short note on the back of the card, sign it and send/deliver it.  Let’s reach out to one another and to those many outstanding educators waiting for an invitation to join Alpha Delta Kappa.  You’ll be sharing the warmth, friendship, caring, support and love as sisters."

Q: Please provide clarification about altruism checks written by members to a charity such as St. Jude's versus writing a check to our local sorority and our treasurer then writes a check to St. Jude's for the amount of cash and checks turned in at our meeting for St. Jude's. Can only checks written to St. Jude's be a PERSONAL tax deduction? Would only checks written to our sorority for St. Jude's would be listed on our altruistic account log? 

A: Alpha Delta Kappa sisters are very generous and support so many wonderful altruistic projects. Checks written to the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation are tax-deductible, as the Foundation is a 501©(3).  Those donations may also be entered on the Chapter Altruistic Reporting form. When writing a check to the Foundation, be sure to note the designee or organization, such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, on the check’s memo line. 

If sisters want to make direct donations to charitable organizations, such as the Diabetes Association, Habitat for Humanity, Regional and S/P/N altruistic projects, I would suggest they include Alpha Delta Kappa on the memo line of their check to show the donation is given in the name of Alpha Delta Kappa. These donations can be recorded on their personal altruistic donation log. 

If you have additional questions regarding altruistic donations, please contact Headquarters for clarification. 

Q: Our chapter is 40 years old. Some members have badges that are missing pearls or have clasps that won't stay closed. Can all badges be repaired by AΔK? Some members stated that in the past they read that only badges from certain time periods could be repaired due to changes in the manufacturers. 

A: All badges can be repaired! Any badge manufactured by the Green Company will be repaired free of charge as part of the company’s guarantee. All other badges can be repaired or refurbished for $10. Replacement or repair of pearls and/or clasps, polishing, shipping and handling are included in the $10 charge. If you have specific questions about your badge, please call Kelly at HQ at 1-800-247-2311.

Please include a note describing any badge problems along with your badge when you mail it to Headquarters. You do not need to prepay in order to have your badge repaired. If another manufacturer made your badge, then an invoice for $10 payment will be included when your badge is returned to you. If there is no invoice with your badge, then the repair cost was covered by the Green Company.

Q: Our chapter recently was pleased to receive 12 new members who came to us from a chapter which was disbanding. In addition, we initiated 5 new members. With that said, we are wondering about the requirement for 50% of the members to be actively involved in education. What, specifically, would apply for being involved in education - subbing, volunteering, etc.?

A: The Membership Development Manual on page 2:  Chapter Viability describes it this way:  "More than 50% of members are engaged/employed in education; therefore, in contact with other educators from which they may recruit new members."  If a chapter member substitutes, tutors, or volunteers on a regular basis for an art/music program at a school and can recruit new members for the chapter, then this member would be considered "active" even though she may be officially retired from education according to our Membership Development Manual.   Hope this helps you better understand the definition of 50%.  

Q: What is the order of introducing S/P/N officers, advisory council, district officers, past S/P/N presidents, International, district chairmen, and other guests at a district meeting?

 A: Recently, we updated this information in the Alpha Delta Kappa Handbook.  If you go to the Alpha Delta Kappa web site, Documents & Forms, Guiding Documents, HANDBOOK (pdf).  Scroll down to the page 38:  Protocol Precedence Chart.  You are given two choices for making introductions.  Also, there is a Seating Chart for the Head Table on page 43 for District Meetings.  

Best practice is to introduce the Head Table first with presiding officers.  Next, introduce current International, Regional, S/P/N Officers who art present and then recognize past leaders who are present.  The information in our Handbook is the most current (2015).  

Q: What is “protocol” and how do we respond to it at Alpha Delta Kappa meetings?

A:  According to our Handbook, “Protocol is a code prescribing correct formal procedure and can be adapted to the requirements of each occasion.  Protocol is a code of etiquette, a pattern of behavior which is accepted as the most desirable way to show recognition and honor to those in positions of leadership.”  Continuing on in the document are ways for members to honor our leaders.  (Section VI.  Standard Operating Procedure for Alpha Delta Kappa Dignitaries) We rise for a Grand Entrance and remain standing until all persons in the procession are seated.  We rise and applaud when an International Officer or International Representative is introduced.  We rise when a S/P/N President is a guest at a S/P/N or chapter meeting and is introduced.  When making introductions which include visiting officers, current officers take precedence over the past officers.  Expenses are paid for a visiting international, regional, S/P/N officer is invited to a function.  As sisters in Alpha Delta Kappa, first names are used.  

Q: Are initiates counted as guest at the meeting during which they will be initiated?

A: Since the initiate is a guest at the beginning of the meeting and a member at the end, it seems you could call them either member or guest for purposes of reporting on the H-114 Annual Chapter Highlights form. Just remember that if you count them as members attending, you would also change the number of members in your total chapter membership count.