Celebrating Membership

Certificates for membership anniversaries (PDF):
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Ten Years

Fifteen Years

Twenty Years

Thirty Years

Forty Years

Forty-Five Years

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Celebrating What’s Unique About Alpha Delta Kappa Membership
These answers were given in a Membership Workshop at the 2011 Chicago Convention

Outstanding qualities of an Alpha Delta Kappa Sister:

    Good listener
    One who goes above and beyond
    One who loves education
    Open to other ideas
    Write beautiful notes
    Good communicator
    One who offers leadership
    Good attendance
    Positive attitude
    One who volunteers
    One involved in Community Service
    Someone who “connects” 

Unique ways to show support and to recognize sisters:

    Send post cards
    Personal calls as well as physical presence
    Feature one sister in chapter newsletter
    Feature one sister at each chapter meeting
    Present a yellow rose (or a chocolate bar) for specific occasion
    Recognize birthdays
    Recognize honors received
    Recognize a job well done
    Provide transportation for those who need/want it
    Have a “brag time” at your meeting
    Give financial support to those attending conferences and conventions
    Financial support for first-timers to meetings beyond chapter level
    Alpha Delta Kappa Month remembrances
    Open your home for a meeting 

Unique fellowship opportunities:

    Summer tea/picnic
    Host baby shower for member who is expecting
    Host a soup line/pot luck, etc.
    Community pancake breakfast
    Chapter garage/yard sale
    Travel together to Alpha Delta Kappa events 

Ways to support a sister’s unique life events:

    Local newspaper recognitions
    Scrapbook - written and/or pictorial
    Rose or other flower
    Cupcakes for birthdays
    Use phone tree for quick communication 

Ways to document unique leadership characteristics:

    Newsletter feature
    Send postcards when at conference or convention
    Award certificates
    Chapter Scrapbook of leadership excellence among members 

Table Notes (Ideas) from Membership Workshop in Chicago

    Card-making demonstration, with cards going to U.S. Troops
    Support of Military Wives/Families
    Wine Tasting to raise money
    Docent at a local museum/garden
    Salvation Army
    Monthly member donations - scarves, mittens, socks, bags, etc.
    Donation of time to local counseling facility
    Books for babies
    Books for medical clinics
    “Sponsor” students at local science, social studies, math fair    
    Gasoline cards to meal delivery service
    Cook meal at a Transplant House/Ronald McDonald House/other
    Monetary donations to various charities
    Take food “goodies” to local nursing home
    Birthday cakes for shelter children
    Coupons for books to those in disaster-plagued communities
    Luncheon for teaching staff - appreciation
    Donation of money for clothes - local school needs
    Support homeless students in district
    Fill backpacks for local school students
    Bags/boxes packed for third world children
    Go caroling at local nursing home
    Collect change at each meeting to give to needy family
    Personal items for women’s shelter
    Tray favors at hospital, rehab center, nursing home
    Help prisoners read aloud books and record this for their own children
    Shower for premature babies
    Community clean-ups
    Adopt a classroom
    Support S/P/N, Region and International altruistic projects
    Participate in activities such as Lyme Disease Awareness Week, Heart Month, Breast Cancer Research Walks, etc.
    Bowling with children from local shelter
    Sale of homemade lunches/desserts
    Collect blankets for the homeless shelter
    Crochet plastic bags into sleeping mats for homeless
    Supplies in baskets or gift cards to new teachers
    Have monthly altruistic projects
    Holiday auctions
    Gift cards to teachers in areas of local disasters
    Gift cards/phone cards to veterans
    S/P/N Disaster Relief funds/projects
    Diapers/wipes/books to non-profit daycare facilities
    Play Bingo with residents at local assisted living/nursing homes
    Donations/volunteer at local food pantry
    Music camp scholarships
    Piggy bank passed around monthly for specified needs
    Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity constructions
    “Adopt” a family at holiday times
    Use “wallet card” reminders     

    Showcase different members and their skills, travels, etc.
    Combine altruism with program
    Bunco - money to a specific charity
    Speaker from local shelter with ideas for how to help
    Identity theft prevention presentation
    Tai Chi from senior citizen’s center
    Scrapbooking in your classroom - one page per child
    Local author speaks
    Fashion show from local department store/dress shop
    Antique Road Show - local pawn shop owner
    How to help remedy hair loss and other health issues
    Movement, line dancing, yoga, pilates
    Use local celebrities as speakers
    Presentations by exchange students/ITE students
    Staging your home to sell
    Local town historian speaking about your area
    Professional organizer
    Belly dancing
    Visit local garden center
    Equestrian therapy
    Flower arranging - especially at holiday times
    Going Green
    Family Days
    How to spot and remedy bullying
    Internet safety
    How to make baskets
    Visit of a local chocolatier   (Yum!)
    Member tells of teaching in another country
    Book Study
    Local CPA
    Local historical society speaker
    Care of birds
    Local nurses give blood pressure testing/screening
    Visiting nurses tell about programs to help needy families
    Workshop on relaxation techniques
    Women’s safety issues addressed by local law enforcement officers
    Local archeologist - facts pertaining to “Big Bang” theory
    World Understanding book reviews
    A hands-on lesson about the Alpha Delta Kappa website 

    Other Chapters
    Share calendar of programs
    Joint meetings - share cost of a speaker
    Share Founders’ Day program among geographically close chapters
    Take turns with geographically close chapters
    Joint altruistic project (yard sale?) - divide proceeds
    Meet with Fidelis chapters
    Meet with other chapters for celebrations
    Share a Valentine Tea
    Enjoy holiday brunch among two or more chapters
    Develop a “Care Group” for a struggling chapter
    Partner with another chapter for a project during Alpha Delta Kappa Month
    Have “Big Sisters” among different chapters
    City-wide functions
    City/District councils meet regularly to share ideas
    Joint initiation ceremonies
    Joint luncheon to recognize scholarship recipients from both chapters
    Contact chapters in other S/P/N’s who have same name as your chapter
    Share newsletters with other chapters
    Retirement luncheon between chapters
    Goody bags for members of a new chapter
    Help other chapter during times of disaster
    Have state officers visit local chapters
    Have joint leadership retreats
    Use attendance “voucher” (see MDM) for attending other chapter meetings