Chapter Program Ideas

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Program ideas from A to Z:

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    Accessorizing your home
    Accessorizing your wardrobe with scarves and jewelry
    Alpha Delta Kappa badge – what does it mean, how do we wear it
    Alpha Delta Kappa videos: membership, Project SAVE, etc.
    Alpha Delta Kappa bingo
    Altruistic – representatives from local charities shared their goals and needs
    Altruistic - visited the community program the chapter supported
    American Cancer Society – speaker
    At risk students – characteristics and strategies to help them
    Back to school shower for teachers in a brand new school
    Baby shower for NICU unit in hospital or homeless shelter or for a sister
    Bead-making bracelets for self or for altruistic sales
    Birthday party for an elderly sister
    Birthday cake decorating-grouped by month of birthday and have outside “judge”-team building and donated cakes to nursing homes
    Books for needy
    Book sharing, book studies
    Books, coloring, puzzle and fun activities packaged with crayons and given to the family court section to use for children in waiting area
    Bottle Auction-wrap anything in a bottle-silent bids
    Bought and read books at a day care center
    Breast Cancer Awareness
    Bring one of your baby photos, guess who the photos belong to
    Bullying prevention
    Candy making
    Card making – make and take for yourself or for altruistic sales
    Children’s Literature – what’s new
    Christmas dinner theatre
    Christmas traditions from around the world
    Coffee tasting
    Community meeting-at the end of each year have a community meeting with entire chapter to discuss what was and wasn’t a success for your year-programs, projects, etc.
    Computer lab, how to log on the new website, scavenger hunt
    Computer commerce – e-bay, craigslist
    Cookie exchange
    Cooking with herbs
    Covered international dish dinner
    Craft night
    Crafts – stamping to make cards or other project
    Create a power point slide show that highlights AΔK founders, purpose, leadership, activities, and world understanding. The show could be presented at a Membership Tea and also used for Fraternity Education.
    Decorating tips for your home
    District President spoke about Alpha Delta Kappa
    Education reporter from local newspaper or TV station
    Educational reforms and update
    Exchange lesson plans
    February meeting includes a breakfast and craft time where members make cards for local nursing homes
    Feng Shui
    Field trip to see displays of gingerbread houses, Christmas lights displays
    Field trips to local museums, historical homes, parks
    Financial planning tips
    Fitness/Get in shape and stay there
    Founders’ Day Program
    Food Bank and their needs
    Flower arranging
    Fraternity education program
    Games – such as Alpha Delta Kappa bingo, jeopardy, bunko
    Get Acquainted Meeting – What is unique about you?
    Habitat for Humanity – speaker, upcoming projects
    Hardware Store – tools we should have and how to do simple repairs
    HEALTHY- stimulation brain activities and exercises
    Herbal remedies
    Highlights from State Convention or SER Conference or International Convention
    History of chapter, state, Alpha Delta Kappa – use videos from HQ, have sisters share knowledge and experiences
    Hobbies – sharing what you like to do
    Holiday crafts and decorating
    Holiday homes tour
    Holiday program, musical performance, or theater performance
    Home Parties
    Homeless shelter – speaker
    Honor a sister (surprise working sisters at their schools with balloons, gift card to say we appreciate you)
    Identity Theft and how to protect your identities and accounts
    Initiation of new members
    Installation of new officers
    Internet safety
    International travels – members share travel experiences
    International travel tips
    iPad Technology presentation
    Issues in education
    Joint meeting with other area chapters
    Komen for the Cure speaker
    Lawyer and preparing wills, tips in helping aging parents
    Learning styles     
    Legislative updates
    Living wills
    Local author
    Local artist with drawing or painting lesson
    Local history- contact Chamber of Commerce in community/city for speakers
    Local Superintendent talks about new initiatives
    Local winery tour and tasting, talk about foods that complement wines
    Look your best – makeup, skincare, hair styles
    Massage therapy
    Mentoring in our schools
    Meet your sisters….social networking and team building-supply sheet with a one liner clue and you must identify that sister (can be used for S/P/N, regional and International sisters as well)
    National Board Certification
    Newsletter tips
    Observe Alpha Delta Kappa Month by conducting a "Pink Day" fundraiser in recognition of Komen for the Cure. The event was featured in the local newspaper with pictures of participants at each school.  
    “Off the Wall”- bring an item off your wall at home and talk about it at a chapter meeting
    Other cultures, trips and artifacts shared
    Packing tips for travel
    Pampered Chef Demonstration, part of sales could go to scholarship fund
    Panera Pals- quarterly meetings on Saturday mornings just for coffee and sisterhood during the summer
    Performing groups in the area
    Pharmacist and medicines
    Physical therapist and tips on how to stay flexible
    Pledge ceremony
    Police Officer- women’s self defense
    Pot luck dinner to benefit Relay for Life
    Pottery making
    Pottery place where you can put designs on plates, bowls, etc.
    Professional development-CEU’s offering and extended to non A∆K teachers
    Prom dresses
    Publicity do’s and don’ts-invite local reporter
    Quilting stories and history, how to make quilt squares
    Reading remediation
    Recipe party
    Recognition of silver sisters, special awards and achievements
    Recycling/Composting/Think Green!
    Rededication ceremony
    Reflections about the new first grade reading program
    Regional Governor’s School presentation
    Relay for Life – speaker, upcoming events
    Retirement issues
    Santa Soiree theme for the December Meeting
    Scholarship recipient(s) speak about plans
    School Bags for needy
    School Board update
    School counselor – dealing with parent/child issues, teen issues, problems
    Self defense
    Silent Auction
    Singing and refreshments for a local nursing home
    Smartboard or Promethean Interactive white board
    Spa night
    Speaker- 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
    Spring landscape gardening
    State Officers/State Committee Chairman to speak
    Stress relief
    Supporting new teachers in schools
    Supporting local shelters-for abused women and animals
    Support the Troops- homemade goods and letters
    Tai Chi
    Tea ceremony
    Teacher of the Year celebration
    Technology committee filmed various activities and meetings for a DVD that was taken to each school with information on AK to be viewed in the teacher's lounge by faculty.
    Technology updates and learning session-learn from each other (iphone/ipad, etc..)
    Therapy dogs
    Trip to State Capitol to meet with our legislators
    Travel tips
    Visit a greenhouse, botanical garden
    Volunteering in your community- either have a speaker come from a local agency or sisters can share what activities they participate in and develop ways they can help others
    Wardrobe mixing and matching
    Women of Note- famous women/Alpha Delta Kappa sisters/local women
    Women’s health issues
    Women’s Shelter
    Work Session for state convention: centerpieces, favors, items to sell
    World Understanding    
    Writing grants/how to get money for your class/program