Elevator Pitches

Can you believe that in a recent survey of members, many sisters said they had never invited others to become members because they didn't know what to say to them?  Would you know what to say?

What is Alpha Delta Kappa?  Why should anyone join it?

Can you answer in 10-15 seconds?  Sometimes that's all the time we have to promote Alpha Delta Kappa to others as we pass through the halls, meet in the grocery store, or mingle at a conference.  A 10-15 second message, an "elevator pitch," is often how long we have to capture someone's interest in Alpha Delta Kappa.  Every member should have an elevator pitch tucked away for just such an occasion.

Here are some great examples:

2015-2017 International President Ruth Ann Griggs
Alabama Alpha Delta Kappa
Beth Henson, Alabama State Historian
California Alpha Delta Kappa
Colorado Alpha Chapter
Colorado Alpha Delta Kappa
Connecticut Alpha Delta Kappa (with "DJ C")
Florida Alpha Delta Kappa
Maryland Alpha Delta Kappa
Massachusetts Epsilon Chapter
Massachusetts and Rhode Island Sisters
Northeast Region "Kappettes"
Oregon Past State President Debbie Plummer
South Central Regional Membership Consultant Rachel Shankles