AΔK Membership Campaign January 1 - April 30

Alpha Delta Kappa
“Strengthen your chapter with new members.”
Membership definitely begins with ME!  Recruiting and retaining members begins with you and your Member Enthusiasm. Your enthusiasm for Alpha Delta Kappa will attract others who will want to join you in our organization and remain in our organization. Your enthusiasm and commitment can truly make a difference!

Prospective members may include classroom teachers, principals, administrators or anyone engaged in a specialized field of education (e.g. college and technical school faculty).  The criteria for membership in Alpha Delta Kappa are that the prospective member be an outstanding educator, have a degree in education or be certified, be actively engaged in education and under contract in the field of education. Retired educators who are still involved in education are also eligible. Think of the outstanding women educators you know who meet our membership criteria and would benefit from all Alpha Delta Kappa has to offer! 

Celebrate and honor your new members today by recognizing her professional accomplishments as well as bringing attention to Alpha Delta Kappa. 
Sample Letter to Employer of New Member

In order for Alpha Delta Kappa to remain a vibrant organization, the challenge is to initiate new members or reinstate former members.
Ideas for Recruitment, Retention and Reinstatement
Brochures, Invitations and Referral Cards
The "Gift" of Membership Tri-Fold Brochure

New/reinstated members must be initiated/reinstated and all current forms and fees must be received at Headquarters by April 30.
H-103 Membership Application form is required for new membership      
H-154 Petition for Reinstatement form is required for reinstatement
Current members transferring into your chapter (or into a new chapter) do not qualify for the campaign.

What Your Chapter Could Win!

The December KAPPAN will recognize each chapter that initiates/reinstates four or more new members. 

1-3 new members initiated/reinstated = one entry in the $50 drawing
4-6 new members initiated/reinstated = two entries in the $75 drawing
7+ new members initiated/reinstated = three entries in the $100 drawing

The drawings will be held at International Headquarters. The winning chapters will be notified. The International Vice President for Membership, Regional Membership Consultants, International Vice Presidents of the Regions and S/P/N presidents will be notified of the winning entries.

Please contact the International Vice President of your Region, regional membership consultant or S/P/N membership consultant with any questions.