Recruitment ideas

1) Offer to provide refreshments at a school faculty meeting and have information about our sorority available.  Also, sisters serving could have a button or simple name tag that says “Ask me about AΔK.”

2) Promote our organization at all schools in the area.  Publicity is especially effective during October when we celebrate Founders’ Day.  A brochure developed specifically about your chapter and information about the sorority could be included.  (Many chapters create  a mini-brochure printed front and back and tri-fold.  We get three to a page for printing.)

3) Provide some type of challenge(s) or incentives to sisters in the chapter to nominate and/or sponsor quality educators.

4) Send personalized notes and letters to prospective members.

5) Create a survey to give local educators that will help you find out what you can do to assist them in the classroom & ways to volunteer.  Then you get into the schools and find potential new members.  (You’d have to have a contact here and probably get permission ahead of time.)

6) Those sisters retired can also be on the “lookout” for new prospects when they are at other functions in the community…you never know when you might meet another educator!

7) Consider schools that are not represented in your chapter(s).  Contact an administrator and ask permission to put some “treats” and flyers/brochures in the lounge…or again, offer to provide refreshments at a meeting.

8) Consider private schools, two-year & four-year colleges, technical schools, charter schools & preschools.

9) Send note(s) of congratulations to educators receiving special awards, grants, or recognition's and include information about our organization.

10) Have a program of interest and open it up to other educators.  You could have a table set up with information about the sorority.

11) Invite teachers to fund raisers and other events that are open to the public.

12) Some chapters made up of mostly retired members, have been successful in recruiting new members by holding events honoring outstanding educators. The names of outstanding educators were found on the school system's webpage, in newspapers and from word of mouth.  Look for the names of Teachers of the Year etc. Some chapters held the event honoring these teachers after school, and others held the event at night.  Those that attend the event are then told a little about Alpha Delta Kappa and invited to a chapter meeting. 
(You may wish to use the Member Prospects Guideline with chapter members to generate possible names of prospective members from your present chapter members.) 

13) Be sure the chapter publicizes all they are doing. Have pictures of the chapter president presenting a scholarship or a check to a local group in the newspaper.  Sometimes you can manage to get a few lines about your chapter or S/P/N and what we stand for as well as telling about the picture!

14) Plan an activity or event at a school function or within the community and have information about Alpha Delta Kappa.  (i.e. …yard sales, fun night at school, community get together, fund raisers, and volunteer to work in a concession stand/booth at a ballgame….etc.)

15) Do you know someone in the school or schools nearby?  Perhaps an educator or someone in the office that could help you get your “foot” in the door.  You may need to set an appt. with the principal and/or superintendent to get their “okay”.  

16) Do you have relatives or friends who have children at those schools or know teachers?  Making a phone call and introducing yourself is the best first step.  Then you might be able to set a time to meet with her and others to just chat briefly about the organization and invite them to a meeting.

17) Retired teachers can look at their own children’s friends and acquaintances for potential members.  Our grandchildren and other young relatives have teachers that might be considered for membership.

18) Look in professional publications and the newspaper for possible prospects.

19) Mentor or work with a teacher at a local school for possible recruitment.  

20) Have a group “social” night and invite prospective members…Christmas play, dinner, etc…

21) Volunteer as a chapter or a group within the chapter at a local soup kitchen/shelter and invite prospective members to help out.

22) Volunteer at local community sponsored events for various altruistic causes and you may find some of those helping are teachers!

23) Find out who the new teachers are at the school(s) in your area and do something for them.  Get permission to do this and then you just might be able to recruit some good prospects that taught at another school and transferred there and/or good prospects in a year or two!  

24) Stay in touch with scholarship recipients.  They could be future members.   Share with them information about membership in Alpha Delta Kappa.

25) Wear your badge and other AΔK pins in public which will create discussion.  Also, if you volunteer, do you have an AΔK volunteer badge?  You would be amazed at the discussion it creates!

26) Ask in school(s) if you can display something in the lounge on the bulletin board or in the daily/weekly bulletin that goes to teachers… You could start out with short notes about AΔK.

27) Perhaps volunteer during a workday prior or during school…even with testing to be a proctor!  You surely will have the opportunity to meet prospects.

28) A tradition at a chapter/district I was in was to always invite prospective members to the Founders’ Day Banquet.  Since we had Founders’ Day as a district event, everyone could see that every chapter had prospective members. Each chapter introduced their guests. This encouraged everyone to want to be a part of the organization.

29) DE Epsilon Chapter hosted a Homecoming for past members.  We had a dinner meeting and included them in all of our efforts and we invited prospective members (a few of our members sent out invitations or made personal connections with new schools) asking them to join us for a dessert bar after.  We had five members who came for the Homecoming and only one (but she was very enthusiastic) as a possible new member.  I do believe the personal contacts are the best.  Teachers get so much mail and email that they have to sort through that some of those connections really get lost.  So the phone calls seem to work the best for us.

Ideas for attracting new & younger members
1) Try a happy hour at a local restaurant & invite prospects to stop by and learn about AΔK.  Or meet and talk together at a favorite restaurant or popular coffee shop.

2) Invite them to a holiday luncheon/brunch & talk about the sorority in that social setting without any meeting.

3) Invite prospective members to a meeting where an altruistic project is being conducted to benefit the chapter’s scholarship fund.

4) Try inviting several prospective members at the same time so they come with someone else.  They could be from the same department or building at a school.

5) Have a tasting buffet or activity (like pampered chef) that would encourage eating, mixing, and chatting while talking about AΔK.  

6) Focus on the altruistic aspects of the sorority and specifically in your S/P/N and chapters as many younger educators are looking for ways to give back to the community.