2020 All Regions Virtual Conference 

Handouts and videos from the Regional Conference can be accessed through the All Regions Virtual Conference (ARVC) Website. Click on Enhancement Sessions and you will see Professional Development, Personal Enrichment and Fraternity Education. Click on one of the categories and scroll down to find the session you want. Click to view the video, PowerPoint or handout. 

If you have additional questions, please contact your IVP

Alpha Delta Kappa sisters extend congratulations to the International Vice Presidents of the Regions and to all who helped plan our first ever All Regions Virtual Conference. This is a great achievement for each of you, as well as for Alpha Delta Kappa. Your tireless commitment and hours of dedication to organize and present this monumental event was rewarded with great success and accolades from the more than 1500 sisters who participated. You have shown us how to move from Plan A to Plan B with a keen sense of creativity and innovation. ARVC has set a standard and a model for infinite possibilities ahead. Thank you immensely for a Job Well Done!