Reinstatement ideas

1) Keep in touch with any sisters who have resigned.

2) Never forget the sisters who have left and may be ready to rejoin Alpha Delta Kappa.  It never hurts to invite them or ask them.  Sending them a note or invitation might encourage them to get involved again.

3) Send the newsletter from your chapter and even your S/P/N to those sisters who were once a part of your chapter.  Keeping them informed reminds them of what they are missing.

4) Invite them to a special meeting or function.  Especially include them when you are celebrating something special for your chapter.  (Ex: a chapter anniversary, Founders’ Day gathering, etc.)

5) Contact them to meet you for lunch or to go out together.  (This could include a day of shopping and lunch, attending a performance together, etc…)

6) Invite them to be your guest at a particular chapter function or other meeting of Alpha Delta Kappa.

7) DE Epsilon Chapter hosted a Homecoming for past members and even invited potential new members.