Reinstatement Process

Please note:  A reinstated member will owe dues for the calendar year following her reinstatement.  Therefore, a member reinstated in September will owe dues again in January for the coming year.  You may wish to ask her to attend meetings as a guest until the end of the year, then complete her reinstatement early the following year so that she will not owe dues so soon following her reinstatement.  

There is a reinstatement fee of $10 plus the current year's dues owed at the time of reinstatement. If a chapter chooses to reinstate in the fall, please keep in mind, the reinstated member will owe dues again January 1 with the rest of the chapter.

Procedures for reinstatement are as follows:

A former member may petition the chapter with which she wants to affiliate.

The chapter uses the same election procedure used to accept new members—a unanimous vote of the chapter membership. If a unanimous vote is not received, the dissenters are required to give a valid reason, which is read to the chapter and its validity determined by majority vote of the chapter members present. A negative vote with no reason is considered an affirmative vote.  (See International Bylaws, Article III)

If your chapter wishes to reinstate a member, you may print the H-154, Petition for Reinstatement form and then mail it along with the reinstatement fee and current year dues to: Alpha Delta Kappa International Headquarters, 1615 W 92nd St, Kansas City, MO 64114.  Please include the name, original chapter and initiation date (if known) of the member wishing to be reinstated, as well as your name, chapter, telephone number and email address.  If you have any questions, you may call Suzie Hannah at International Headquarters at 800.247.2311 or e-mail her at  

H-154, Petition for Reinstatement
-United States

A reinstated member will owe regular dues on January 1 of the next calendar year.  For example, if a member is reinstated in 2017, she will owe dues January 1, 2018.  If it's late in the year, the former member may attend as a guest until January and then mail H-154, Petition for Reinstatement form and $50 ($10 reinstatement fee + $40 current year's dues) to Headquarters in January.