Retention ideas

1) Plan programs that get the attention of your members.  Chapter attendance will be higher when your programs cover topics and interests of the members.  Those who are absent will feel that they really missed out.

2) Think “outside the box” when it comes to keeping your members active and involved!

3) Recognize members at meetings for various accomplishments, awards, etc.  These can be professional or personal.

4) Get members involved in understanding the importance of their membership and how it reflects on your chapter.

5) Conduct simple and short Fraternity Education facts to educate members about our organization.

6) Look at your calendar and plan “fun” activities outside of your normal meeting times.  This could include a book club, meet for dinner & shop, take a field trip together, etc..

7) Work to assist members monetarily when attending various functions at the local, district, S/P/N, region and International levels.

8) Change things around in your meetings periodically.  Involve more members in the meeting.

9) Send the agenda and previous chapter meeting minutes ahead of time.  Chapter meetings will be shortened and kept within a reasonable time frame.
10) Think about the things we do or did in our classrooms and incorporate parts of them into your meetings.

11) Meet and greet everyone.  Show interest!

12) Contact members who miss a meeting by phone, email, card, etc.  This will let them know they were missed.  Keep connected by sharing a summary of that meeting.

13) Encourage participation in altruistic projects that your chapter is involved with as well as at other levels of our organization.  Perhaps get a group together and volunteer to help in your community.

14) Send congratulations messages either by phone, mail or email to sisters.

15) Have incentives for members related to attendance at chapter meetings, participation in projects, hosting a meeting, attending other functions of Alpha Delta Kappa and even presenting a program.

16) Create “getting to know you better” activities that are short and fun at your meetings.  What a great way to make connections and learn about each other at the same time.  These can be done several times a year.

17) Spotlight members at your meetings.  It may be for recognition or to learn something about them.

18) Share & support each other.

19) Invite a member(s) to attend Alpha Delta Kappa meetings with you outside of your chapter.

20) Vary types of programs and activities at meetings.