Suggestions for Chapter Fraternity Chairman

Make your activity fun. Be enthusiastic! You have a great deal to share with your sisters.

Use a variety of activities and avoid using the same one each meeting.

Tell the members in advance what you are planning (in most cases), so they can be prepared and look forward to the activity.

Try to limit fraternity education to one idea or activity per meeting.

Make permanent copies of questions, bingo cards, crossword puzzles, etc. so they are available for later use. Keep them in a file to pass on to your successor.

Use subjects/activities appropriate to the time of year or activity coming up in the chapter's near future. Don't forget to celebrate Founders' Day in October, and plan a special event for chapters near you.

Plan for whole group activities and sometimes use small groups. This will increase fellowship and fun.

Make use of proven activities when available. This will reduce the amount of time needed to develop your own.

Be creative when making up your own activities. Make use of popular TV shows ("Jeopardy," "Wheel of Fortune," etc.)