Scholarships and Grants

Internationally, Alpha Delta Kappa biennially awards more than a quarter of a million dollars through its many scholarship programs. The many lives these scholarships have enriched are testimony to the collective efforts of Alpha Delta Kappa.  Alpha Delta Kappa also biennially recognizes a special member with the International Excellence in Education Award for outstanding contributions to education.  An award and $2,500 are presented to the recipient and her school receives $2,500 for staff development. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The Maxine B. Pettibone Scholarship has been discontinued.

Scholarships at a Glance

 Name  Amount  Purpose/Who is Eligible  Due Date

Regional Professional Development

$3,000 to fund two annual 
regional scholarships

For advanced study/project linked to 
degree. Merit-based.

Postmark no later than
Jan 31


Up to $3,000 per region, $500 a scholarship

For non-AΔK-sponsored events.

Apr 15 and Oct 15

Living Memorial

$2,500 annually

Study another culture/country.

Postmark no later than 
Feb 15

Fine Arts Grants

$10,000 single grant or divided among two or more applicants

Promote study/awareness of arts.

Feb 15 via certified mail or electronically

Excellence in Education Award
 $5,000 biennially  Recognizes outstanding contributions. Postmark no later than
Nov 1 (odd year)
Classroom Grant 
Up to $2,000 per region, $400 a grant  Members engaged in innovative teaching practices. Postmark no later than Nov 1

International Teacher Education ITE

$10,000 each for as many as 
seven young women

Study in American universities/colleges.

Jan 1

Agnes Shipman Robertson Memorial

Administered by University of Missouri-Kansas City

Study music at Conservatory of Music and Dance.

Request applications from UMKC CMDA

Marie Neal Memorial

Administered by Baker University, Baldwin City, KS

Scholarship to young woman choosing teaching profession.

Request applications from Baker University, Baldwin, 

Alpha Delta Kappa

Endowment administered by Kansas City Art Institute

Scholarship for students to study at KCAI.

Request information through KCAI’s

Alpha Delta Kappa Future Educator

$1,000 annually to recipient 
from each AΔK region

Assist students with excellent potential 
with final 2 semesters.

Mar 1

Innovation Grant 

Up to $1,000 per region, $200 a grant

Nonmembers with no more than five years’ teaching experience.

Postmark no later than 
Nov 1

Melba Priestley Scholarship is available to GA residents only