Member Insurance

Alpha Delta Kappa offers a variety of professional liability, term life and medical insurance programs designed to meet the personal and professional needs of our members. The plans are provided by Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc., 3130 Broadway, P.O. Box 418131, Kansas City, Missouri 64141-9131. Call 888-999-7829, ext. 1554. E-mail: [email protected],or visit them at

Comprehensive Health Insurance
Potentially save thousands on health insurance. Plan options include Health Savings Accounts, Family PPO Plans and Group Employee Health Plans. Visit online at, or call 888-308-9337 today for your proposal.

Professional Liability Insurance
Every year, experienced, conscientious educators like you are confronted by an irate student, parent, co-worker or citizen, and the matter ends up in court.

Even if the allegations are unfounded, a legal action could damage your career and decimate your personal finances … unless you have professional liability insurance.

The Educators Professional Liability Plan, sponsored by Alpha Delta Kappa, is protection you can count on. It's dedicated to your defense and assures that you’re covered if your school can’t or won’t defend you.

Rates start at $99 a year (a bit less in some states) for $1 million in liability protection. Or purchase $2 million of coverage for a few dollars more.

The plan pays all your defense costs separate from the limit of liability you choose. It also provides legal benefits if you’re subject to a job action such as demotion, transfer, reassignment or dismissal.

Alpha Delta Kappa's insurance administrator, Forrest T. Jones & Company, offers a variety of plans for employed educators, private practitioners or contract workers, and students. Some plans can be purchased online in a matter of minutes.

Learn more about the options available to you by calling (800) 821-7303 weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Time and ask to speak with a customer service representative.