International Membership Committee (IMC)

Betty Jo Evers
International Vice President for Membership Chairman

Betty Jo, Arizona Iota, has been honored to serve as Arizona State President, International Vice President of the Southwest Region, International Chaplain, 4-year Member of the International Executive Board, Chairman of the Educational Symposium in Salt Lake City, Chairman of the Regional Mentoring Committee, Southwest Regional Membership Consultant, and presently elected as the 2019-2021 International Vice President for Membership and serves as Chairman of the International Membership Committee. She taught 27 years on the primary level and travels as an International Literacy Consultant where she is a keynote speaker and presenter specializing in reading and writing. Betty Jo has presented in all 50 states, plus other countries. She is an author with Scholastic, and author/seller on the open market website, Betty Jo says traveling and reading are her passions but being with Alpha Delta Kappa sisters is priceless! 

Mary Ann Gerdes
Regional Membership Consultant, North Central Region

Mary Ann Gerdes, Nebraska Epsilon, has served as North Central Region International Vice President, Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms and Member of the International IVP Guidelines and Handbook and Ceremonies Committees, NCR Excellence in Education Committee, North Central Workshop presenter 2016 and 2018, Nebraska S/P/N President, and President of the Council of Chapter Presidents, Epsilon Chapter President and Historian. She is honored to presently serve as NCR Membership Consultant and membership co-chair for Epsilon Chapter.  During her term as S/P/N president, Nebraska established two new chapters. Mary Ann has 35 years of teaching experience at all grade levels, starting as a consumer science/social studies teacher with the addition of an elementary endorsement followed by middle school endorsements in math, social studies, and science. Mary Ann continues to stay connected to teaching by substitute teaching, volunteering at a school once a week, is a Teammate’s mentor, and 5th grade Sunday School teacher. Traveling, playing cards, scrapbooking, and doing craft projects are a few of her enjoyable pastimes. Mary Ann finds gratification in the many opportunities Alpha Delta Kappa has afforded her and the marvelous experiences she has gained in being amongst a group of dedicated, caring sisters.

Linda Rissel
Regional Membership Consultant, Northeast Region

Linda Rissel, member of New Jersey Lambda A∆K for 44 years, lives in Seaside Park, New Jersey and North Ft. Myers, Florida (snowbird). What a privilege and exciting position it is to serve a second biennium as the Northeast Regional Membership Consultant! This is a position that I count as one of the BEST and most fulfilling in Alpha Delta Kappa. Linda has served on the International Membership Committee previously, serving as the chair and begins my 12th year on this committee! I have served as a 2 year Executive Board Member, International Historian, 4 year Executive Board Member (serving as Executive Board Chair (2009-2011), and IVP for the Northeast Region. However, having the honor to have served as the very FIRST International Vice President for Membership was a wonderful learning experience that made my Alpha Delta Kappa membership soar to the top. The word TEAM came to life.  I hope to continue bringing a Team Spirit to our S/P/Ns and chapters with my Enthusiasm, Dedication and Love for Alpha Delta Kappa!  Membership…A TEAM Effort (Training Everyone About Membership)

Judy Barnhill
Regional Membership Consultant, Southeast Region

Judy Barnhill, Tennessee Beta Zeta, is an Alpha Delta Kappa Sapphire sister. During her years of membership she has held most offices at the chapter level, except treasurer! She has served as Tennessee Chaplain, District-Vice President, President-Elect, President, S/P/N Membership Consultant, Southeast Region Chaplain, and currently serves as SER Membership Consultant. Judy taught 30 years in Tennessee. Her career started as a high school home economics teacher.  She also taught middle school language arts and social studies for the major portion of her career. Judy lives on a farm in Middle Tennessee about 10 miles from where she was born. When not working on Alpha Delta Kappa projects, she leads a ladies’ Bible study, teaches an adult Sunday School class, visits grandchildren, and sits on the porch swing of their restored 140 year old farm house with her cowboy husband. Preparing tasty Southern cuisine, writing, and singing are her passions along with the love of Alpha Delta kappa and her Alpha Delta Kappa family! Planning a party ranks high on her list of “loves” and she will be coordinating the Tennessee Alpha Delta Kappa S/P/N Convention in April 2020!

Nancy Medina

Regional Membership Consultant, South Central Region
Nancy, KS Alpha Alpha, is from Overland Park and has been a member of Alpha Delta Kappa for 49 years. Before retirement, she taught 44 years as a school librarian and 3rd-5th elementary levels. She has served in most offices and committees at the chapter level before becoming state president for the 2014-2016 biennium. She has also served as the South Central Regional historian. Currently she is the state fraternity education chairperson.  Nancy has had the opportunity to attend many state, district, regional, and International conventions. She has seen firsthand the “infinite possibilities” that membership has to offer. She has also seen the commitment of our dedicated sisters to Alpha Delta Kappa through their participation at all levels. Alpha Delta Kappa does make a difference. When not involved in A∆K activities, Nancy enjoys traveling, reading novels, paper crafting projects, and is currently improving her cooking skills.

Jeanie Hinck
Regional Membership Consultant, Southwest Region

Jeanie has been honored to be a member of Alpha Delta Kappa since 1993. She served as Colorado S/P/N President and the Colorado Membership Consultant. She is the editor of the Colorado newsletter, Colorado Chatter, and has held most S/P/N and chapter offices. Currently, Jeanie is serving as the Southwest International Membership Consultant and is a member of the International Membership Committee. Jeanie taught for 30 years in the elementary levels. Additionally, she held the positions of Coordinator in Technology, Library Technology Educator, Response to Intervention Coach, and was a Reading Coordinator. Alpha Delta Kappa has been a major factor in her life. She loves reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband and family. Alpha Delta Kappa has afforded her many opportunities to travel and support her AΔK sisters.

Karen Santos
Regional Membership Consultant, Northwest Region

Karen Santos, Washington Alpha Tau, with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and School Administration, taught 32 years at the elementary level. She continues to substitute on regular basis during her retirement years. She has been honored to be a member of Alpha Delta Kappa since 1991. Her involvement has led her to “step up” and serve in leadership positions at the Chapter, District, S/P/N, Regional and International levels. Following her term as Washington S/P/N Co-President, she accepted the appointment as Northwest Regional Membership Consultant which has furthered her passion and commitment to our outstanding organization and its focus on Membership Development. The experiences gained and the relationships formed while working with educators across our organization has proved invaluable to her personal and professional development.  In her own words: “Having Alpha Delta Kappa in my life makes me a better person!” Karen has a strong faith in God and enjoys a wide variety of interests. Over the years Alpha Delta Kappa has become a top priority in her life because it abounds with outstanding, caring sisters who continually strive for those “Infinite Possibilities”.

Debby Stubing
Regional Membership Consultant, Gulf Region

Debby Stubing was born in South Carolina and reared in Jacksonville, FL. After graduating from high school, Debby went on to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Florida Southern College; and a Master's Degree in ECE and a Specialist's Degree in A&S from Florida State University. Debby retired from the Leon County Public Schools in 2002. Prior to her retirement she served as a classroom teacher in Polk and Collier counties and as an elementary assistant principal in Leon County. She also served as a Head Start Teacher in Jacksonville, a Right-To-Read Consultant for the Department of Education, and an instructor for the Introduction to Early Childhood Education at Florida State University. Since her initiation in to Florida Alpha Sigma, Tallahassee, in 1989, Debby has served as several officers and committee chairmen at the chapter, district, S/P/N and International levels. Debby served as her chapter president (1994-1996), FL A∆K President (2010-2012), Gulf Region Membership Consultant (2013-2015, 2017-2019) and International Vice President of the Gulf Region (2015-2017). Outside her "A∆K Life" Debby is the mother of two successful daughters and three beautiful grandchildren.  Though her first love is A∆K, her passion is photography.