New Chapter Development

Suggestions submitted by members

My suggestion is to look for any connection you can find.  For example, is there a member who knows someone in the targeted school system like a relative, or a teacher of a grandchild or good friend?  Another possible connection can be made via a school superintendent. Contact that person to ask for a meeting and then share information about our organization and explain how you want to go about starting a chapter in that area. She/he may be able to share names with you or at least direct you to someone who could. Next step is to hold some informational sessions.

If you have a strong sponsoring chapter with members who could attend the first several organizational meetings and be there to mentor during the first year, I think you could do it without an AΔK member from the sponsoring chapter being a part of the new chapter.

My experience has been to make connections, take your time, explain-explain-explain about the many facets of AΔK and keep your fingers crossed.

It is much easier to start a chapter when a member or two transfers to the new chapter, that's for sure! Unfortunately, it isn't always that easy.

A few new chapters have been formed by holding events honoring outstanding educators. The names of outstanding educators were found on the school system's web page, in newspapers and from word of mouth. Look for the names of Teachers of the Year etc. Some chapters held the event honoring these teachers after school, and others held the event at night. Those that attend the event are then told a little about Alpha Delta Kappa and invited to a chapter meeting. Only a few of the invitees  may attend the first event, but the ladies attending the event will learn a little about Alpha Delta Kappa and can then be invited to attend another meeting to learn more about Alpha Delta Kappa.  

They can be the source for recommending other outstanding educators. This method takes time but has worked in starting a new chapter. It may be helpful to let the school superintendent and administrators know what you are doing. They may be willing to provide support. It is hard to predict what will happen but is worth a try.

It is critical to have a few sisters from a neighboring chapter willing to mentor the new chapter along: informational meetings, willingness to meet several times with the potential new chapter to encourage and help set up timelines for completion of goals and follow the steps in the process.

The proposed new chapter & its members really need someone who can "take charge" and get things going. You have to be willing to work with them and be a “mentor” for as long as it takes to help the chapter & members get established and feel connected.