Membership in Alpha Delta Kappa is a gift, one “that keeps on giving.” 

In the words of our members:

"Alpha Delta Kappa is so much more than the sum of its parts . . . together we accomplish amazing things . . . Alpha Delta Kappa is an extended family of sisters, some whom I know well, some I do not know so well, or some not at all, but still sisters . . . Alpha Delta Kappa means fulfillment, friends, fun, fellowship and family . . . My teaching abilities have expanded through knowledge and ideas gained at chapter programs, workshops and seminars . . . I have developed leadership skills and been given opportunities to travel . . . Alpha Delta Kappa has provided me with a network of friends who share my love of teaching, altruism and leadership development . . . Our members have inspired me, given me courage and offered great joy and blessing to my life . . . My membership is a valuable treasure . . . I have grown in knowledge of world understanding . . . I realize the effect and power we have when we all work together to get something accomplished . . . My Alpha Delta Kappa membership has given me my best friends . . . My sisters laugh with me and cry with me . . . Membership in Alpha Delta Kappa has allowed me to make connections with sisters all over the world and develop special friendships . . . my membership has helped me become a better person, and I look forward to many years ahead . . . my membership has challenged me to move beyond my comfort zone, which has helped me develop new skills and personal confidence . . . I have gained the skills to preside at a business meeting and speak confidently in an assembly . . . I have joined my gifts with others to impact my community, state, nation and world altruistically . . . who else could have given me sisters from 55 states, provinces and nations to visit, exchange ideas and laugh with at regional conferences and International conventions . . . Alpha Delta Kappa has helped shape the person I am today . . . I cannot imagine my life without Alpha Delta Kappa . . . I have made connections I would never have made . . . Alpha Delta Kappa is the only organization I’m in that I didn’t choose; it chose me."