Regional Mini-Scholarships (Fall)

Available to current* Alpha Delta Kappa members

Online applications are posted 60-90 days before the scholarship deadline.

Application Sample
Adjudication Sample

Under the umbrella of the Regional Professional Development Scholarships, Alpha Delta Kappa International annually allocates each region $3,000 to distribute to current* members, whether actively engaged in teaching or not, who apply to attend non AΔK-sponsored conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops and non-credit classes. Graduate and/or doctoral studies are beyond the scope of this program. The maximum scholarship is $500. 

Applications shall be submitted through the online link. Applications for activities taking place between November 15 and May 15 must be submitted no later than October 15. To be eligible for a Regional Mini-Scholarship, an AΔK member shall not have received a Regional Mini-Scholarship during the current fiscal year (June 1—May 31).
*Available to current Alpha Delta Kappa members. Applicants’ dues must be paid by the scholarship deadline. Applicant shall not be a member of the International Executive Board, International Chapter, International scholarship boards or committees, a substantial contributor to the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation or a relative of any of the aforementioned groups.