Scholarships and Grants

Internationally, Alpha Delta Kappa biennially awards more than a quarter of a million dollars through its many scholarship programs. The many lives these scholarships have enriched are testimony to the collective efforts of Alpha Delta Kappa. Alpha Delta Kappa also biennially recognizes a special member with the International Excellence in Education Award for outstanding contributions to education. 

Online applications provided by Kaleidoscope, a service engaged by Alpha Delta Kappa. Applications are posted 60-90 days before the scholarship deadline.

Scholarships at a Glance             Applicant General Info                Committee General Info              Photo Release Form   


January 15
Even-numbered year only
Excellence in Education (EiE) Awards
-S/P/N Level awarded at even-numbered S/P/N conventions
-Regional Level awarded at each Regional Conference in even-numbered years (seven awards)
-International Level awarded at the International Convention in odd-numbered years.
To recognize active educators for outstanding contributions in education.
One application completed by nominee for consideration at three possible levels.
Nominations deadline Nov 1 of odd-numbered year.
MEMBERS engaged in education with Nomination by the November 1 odd-numbered year deadline. Must be a recipient at the S/P/N level, to be eligible at the Regional level. Only Regional recipients are eligible for the International Award.  Varied S/P/N Level Awards 
$500 Regional Award 
$5,000 International Award to recipient for educational purposes, materials, coursework, or to enhance personal and professional educational goals
January 31 Regional Professional Development (RPD) Scholarship For advanced study, post graduate degrees or National Board certification  MEMBERS engaged in education $3,000 per Region, to fund up to two annual scholarships
February 15 Fine Arts Grants Encourage student enrichment in the fine arts.   MEMBERS engaged in education $10,000 single grant or divided among two or more recipients
February 15 Agnes Robertson Global Outreach (ARGO) 
(Formerly known as: Living Memorial Scholarship)
Opportunity for professional growth through the study of other cultures to promote World Understanding and develop educational resources.  MEMBERS engaged in education $2,500 annually for one recipient
March 1

Alpha Delta Kappa Future Educators
A∆KCC Students Eligible ONLY
Assistance for tuition, room and board and course materials for students who display potential to be excellent educators. A∆KCC Students approaching or in the last two years of teacher preparation at University/College. $1,000 annually awarded to up to five recipients.
April 15 Regional Mini-Scholarships
(For activities taking place between May 15-Nov 15)
For non-Alpha Delta Kappa-sponsored conferences, classes or workshops.  MEMBERS engaged or retired from education $1,500 per region with up to $500 per scholarship 
September 15  Classroom Grant To assist excellent member educators to enhance classroom lessons.  MEMBERS engaged in innovative teaching practices. $2,000 limit per region at $400 per grant awarded. Up to five awards for seven regions.
October 15 Regional Mini-Scholarships
(For activities taking place between Nov 15-May 15)
For Non-Alpha Delta Kappa-sponsored conferences, classes or workshops.  MEMBERS engaged in education or retired from education $1,500 per region, with up to $500 per scholarship 
November 1 Odd-numbered year only Excellence in Education (EiE) award Nomination Form
Nomination required by a colleague/chapter member or parent
Nomination Form required for educator to receive invitation to complete online application. Application Packet due January 15 of even-numbered year. MEMBERS engaged in education and under contract in teaching, administration or some specialized field of education. Past recipients at the regional level not eligible to be nominated again. Awards at the S/P/N, Regional and International for recipients at each level. See Excellence in Education awards, above, for January 15 EiE award information.
November 15
Innovation Grant
Recommendation by a member required
To assist creative, innovative educators with cost of supplies or services to enhance lessons. NON-MEMBERS with no more than five years of teaching experience. $1,000 limit per region at $200 per grant awarded. Up to five awards for seven regions 


International Teacher Education (ITE) Up to seven International educators’ opportunity for graduate study in the United States; $10,000 each
Marie Neal Memorial Scholarship Baker University, Baldwin City KS (Application through the University)
Alpha Delta Kappa Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI—MO) (Application through KCAI)
Agnes Shipman Robertson Memorial Scholarship UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance (Application through the University of Missouri-Kansas City)

Melba Priestley Scholarship is available to GA residents only