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Agnes Robertson Global Outreach (ARGO) Scholarship 

ARGO Application Guidelines and Adjudication Criteria

ARGO Online Application





The ARGO Scholarship (Formerly known as Living Memorial) is an annual scholarship award.  The scholarship provides an Alpha Delta Kappa member the opportunity for professional growth through traveling away from her home environment and/or studying another culture to promote World Understanding and to expand her knowledge and develop materials to be used in the classroom. The program provides incentive for a member to enrich the lives of her pupils by imparting to them this expanded knowledge in her field of education. 

Available to current Alpha Delta Kappa members. Applicants’ dues must be paid by the scholarship deadline. Applicant shall not be a member of the International Executive Board, International Chapter, International scholarship boards or committees, a substantial contributor to the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation or a relative of any of the aforementioned groups.

Amount of Award:  $2,500

Deadline:  February 15

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