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International News

The Constitution of 

Alpha Delta Kappa

The International Executive Board (IEB) approved the proposed amendment to the Constitution of Alpha Delta Kappa, Article IV - Governance, Section 10, letters l, n, o, p and q as presented in the first reading on March 13, 2024. 

The IEB is authorized with the powers to govern the International Convention, regional conferences, regional elections, S/P/N organization and chapter organization. 

The proposed changes allow for more flexibility in planning and conducting the business of Alpha Delta Kappa.

The Constitution can be found in the Resource Library under Governance Documents: Constitution, Bylaws, Policy & Procedures.

Click Here to view the full constitution

Making a Better World Initiative

The Making a Better World Initiative report is now available for your viewing pleasure. Click to view the full report. 

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Funds from our Visa program benefit the Alpha Delta Kappa Foundation, for each new account that is used within 90 days of approval.

A percentage of every purchase made on your Alpha Delta Kappa credit card goes back to Alpha Delta Kappa.

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Important Dates


  • May 15: Chapter Needs Assessment (CNA) and S/P/N Needs Assessment end of Biennium Reflection JotForm deadline *New

  • May 27: HQ - Closed - Holiday.

S/P/N Treasurers toolbox series for updates to the 2024-2026 Financial forms and processes. Chapter Treasurers - a training video will be available in the Resource Library May 15th. 

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